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Breakwater Town Center Holds Meeting For Neighbors of Possible New Hotel Development

Nov 21, 2016 07:35PM ● By Paul Spear

Sudberry Properties, Developers of the New Breakwater Town Center on Palm Avenue Between 7th Street and 9th Streets, Held a Meeting Thursday Night in the Community Room at City Hall to Update the Neighbors of the Development on Their Plans for the Potential New Hotel.

This latest meeting in the ongoing development of the Breakwater Mall was attended by Residents, Colton Sudberry and Estean Lenyoun of Sudberry Properties, Andy Hall, Ed Vea and Ed Spriggs representing the City of Imperial Beach. The meeting was held for clarification of issues presented at the last meeting.

1. How would a hotel benefit the Community and the nearby Residents?
It was disclosed that a Hotel would generate approximately $350,000 for the Community General Fund, which is substantially more than retail businesses would bring in which can then be used for things the Residents would like to have such as a community pool, better roads, a dog park etc.

2.  Concern for the type of Hotel as opposed to hotel/motel?
It was stated that the Hotel will be a Medium Range Quality Extended Stay Hotel, with a reasonable price and good quality design and amenities 

3. Alley access and usage by Hotel and Mall visitors?
Residents with homes on the alley will have access while those who don't live on the alley won't have access. It came to the attention of the audience that the alley is also the responsibility of the City (it was acknowledged by the City who will work on this           issue) and not Sudberry Properties.

4.  Parking for Hotel Employees and Guests?
There will be few employees and the Hotel will generally be less busy during the daytime hours.  It was suggested that many of the employees may live in the area and will walk or bike. The access to the mall entry points will be 9th and Palm Ave, 8th and Palm and off the 5.

5.  Noise and Lighting from the Mall and Privacy of the Residents
 It is stated that the lighting will be facing the Hotel and the Mall not towards the Residential area, also that the trees and live fence will buffer the noise.  There are Balconies so again no noise or Resident privacy issues.

6.  Electrical wiring
There was major concern for the current electrical wiring in the area and it was stated that the current wiring is the responsibility of the SDG&E and the City (they voiced willingness to work on this issue) and not Sudberry Properties.  All electrical wiring will be underground for the Mall. 

7.  Hotel Height and road closure on Palm Ave? There was agreement among all the Residents, that the Hotel height would allow for lack of Resident privacy, and the road closure was a severe impediment for Residential access from their homes? It was stated that the Hotel will not exceed 40 feet in height as is stipulated in the Zoning for the area, and that no Balconies are present on the Hotel to maintain Resident privacy

8.  Other Retailers and demographics?
There is an ongoing search for other retailers for the Mall especially local businesses but   none have come forward up to this point.  The question of Demographics does not mean Income levels of the Community, but population size as most major Retailers want a larger community to invest in.

 9.  Crime increase due to the Hotel?
 it was stated that the hotel will not be a hotel/motel or low end facility and would have a   higher quality of guest.  There will be no balconies for partying, and Mall hours would inhibit after-hours visitors, there are only 2 Sheriff’s patrols in Imperial Beach and it was suggested that a parked police vehicle would be a great deterrent to crime.

There are still issues and concerns remaining but the meeting was informative and civil with all participants leaving with a better sense of an ongoing relationship and understanding.  The next meeting will be published when available.
Linda Heath, Senior Reporter,






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