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A Meeting Was Held Regarding the Coronado Naval Base Coastal Campus

Nov 13, 2016 01:27AM ● By Linda Heath

A meeting was held on November 10th regarding the Coronado Naval Base Coastal Campus. conducted by Capt. Scott Mulvehill, Executive Officer of the Naval Base.

The new Naval Facility will house the Navy SEALS Training Area in California.  The base will be located on The Solver Strand in the former Navy Radio Transmission Complex popularly know as the "Elephant Cage" and the site for a WWll Bunker that protected the Coastline.

The Facility is scheduled for completion within 10 years, and the main gate off the Silver Strand will be open to traffic within 2 years.

The Campus is anticipated to have an economic impact of  $1.7 Billion dollars, 1 billion for the build and .7 billion for all ancillary services needed.

There will be 3500 Navy Personnel transferred to the Campus from Navy Base Coronado to facilitate SEALS being close to their families, rather than training in the Isolated areas around Chocolate Mountain.

The current impact to the Strand will be traffic oriented and anticipate decreased lanes from two to one lane and a decrease in speed from 65 to 55mph.  There will also be a significant group of heavy construction trucks and crews in the area, but the Navy assured attendees that new signals and warning signs will be in place and more gates open to the NAB on both sides of the Strand to alleviate traffic back ups.

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