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Sea-life Found in Crosswalk's at 13th St & Grove Ave.

Oct 04, 2016 05:20PM ● By Paul Spear

IB Mayor Extremely Happy about Sea-life Found in Crosswalk's at 13th St & Grove Ave. A Whale, Star-Fish and Sea-Horse are designed to encourage Children to use Crosswalk and Improve Child Safety.

Imperial Beach Mayor, Serge Dedina, is extremely happy about the new crosswalks installed at 13th St and Grove Avenue. In the area he grew up in as a child and were young children have to cross the street daily to go to school, the City of Imperial Beach has put in crosswalks which are designed to make children want to use the crosswalk.

What young child wouldn't want to use a crosswalk were they can view a whale, star-fish, and sea-horse? The Mayor, Serge Dedina, which has made a point of wanting more crosswalks for all of the community's safety. is very happy about the crosswalks at 13th St and Grove Ave. and believes (and hopes) that it will get both children and parents with children to want to use the crosswalks, which of course, would not only improve child safety but would make driving safer as well. 

A side benefit for the City is that the crosswalks are designed to last 10 years.

All in all, it is a great day for child safety and not only a day the Mayor should be happy about but a day we all should be happy about.

Paul Spear, Editor,


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