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Volunteers do great job with 4Walls as IB's Peoples Park Progresses Forward

Sep 17, 2016 09:13PM ● Published by Paul Spear

Gallery: Volunteers do great job as IB's Peoples Park Progresses Forward [27 Images] Click any image to expand.

Two to Three Dozen Volunteers were on hand at some point to help 4Walls during the day to work on the IB's Peoples Park as the Project Progresses Forward nicely.    

Several volunteers came out today for more work on the IB People's Park.  There were several activities in the works and everyone was excited to begin. 

 Steve Wright and his associates from 4Walls International, were building wire-cage molds for statuary, to be covered in beautiful mosaic designs.  The molds progressed from wire to cement-covered forms.  

There were already developed Turtle statues which were being covered with bright colors of Yellow, Orange, Red, White, blue and multicolored Mexican designs.  The patterns were drawn on the statuary by Todd (the expert painter and mosaic designer)and then filled in with each designated color as per his instructions.  This is the task I performed today and was very pleased with the result.

There were people smoothing and flattening the walkways and wetting them down to compact
  them.  Some volunteers were making benches from recycled plastic bottles and covering them with cement also to eventually be painted and decorated.

The cement "rocks" were painted after instruction by Eider DeMello to resemble fine smooth granite and looked very authentic!  So real you would never guess they were manufactured.

The photos show the progress of each task performed and how they look at each stage of development.  The volunteers were provided with a wonderful lunch treat of pizza and a marvelous salad from K-Pasta and drinks from Babycakes.  A delivery of oranges from Harvest CROPs was a bonus for the community and volunteers.  A good day was had by all and this reporter will be on hand tomorrow too.  Come out and see the work and participate in the building with tasks to choose from and enjoy, a true Community development.

Linda Heath, Reporter,


Serge address workers at IB's Park

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