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Saturday Dempsey Holder Surf Festival proved Challenging for even the Most Experienced Surfers

Sep 12, 2016 06:46AM ● By Paul Spear
Saturday Dempsey Holder Surf Festival proved Challenging for even the Most Experienced Surfers. Getting to the bottom of the wave proved to be a challenge let alone riding it afterwards.

The waves on Saturday didn't make it easy for those competing. With the wave breaking fiercly all at once with hardly any shape for riding them. Even the most experienced surfers had a hard time making it just to the bottom. However, a few lucky and skilled ones did manage to pull of some great rides and I am sure fun was had by all as anytime a surfer and get out and surf they seem to be in good spirits.

One of the highlights of the day was recorded by any photos and it didn't take place in the water. Long time IB Resident and one of it first great woman surfers was in attendance. That 
 was  Juanita Smith who was one of IB's better surfers in the60's, 70's and into the 80's before Multiple Sclerosis ended her surfing career. However, that didn't stop all the older surfers who recognized her from stopping by and visiting with the once great surfer. To her credit, Juanita hasn't let MS stop her from getting out in the water and has a waveski that lets her get out and surf the waves
  in a kayak looking device with her husband David Smith.

David Smith brought his excellent  history of Surfing he had put together to the event. The collection which is done during part of his life and recently during the Imperial Beach History Groups presentation for the Mayor's Breakfast and the Sun and Sea Festival as part of the City's 60th Anniversary celebration in July. David will be part of the new history group that is forming to try and get things back in order as the IB History Society had its affiliation terminated with the South Bay History Society and is no longer a tax exempt organization and under laws of the State of California.

The Imperial Beach chamber of Commerce had bands playing at the event and WILDCOAST, the major sponsor of the event, had a letter for people to sign which is going to be sent to Secretary Of State, John Kerry, demanding that he force Mexico to clean up our water or for him to do something about it. You may remember back in April that did an article: Who is to Blame for Pollution of Tijuana Estuary and Imperial Beach? We have the answer! and in that article we stated that the one who has the power to get it done is the Secretary of State. So whether or not they read it. It's nice to see that they are finally addressing the correct source to get any action taken.

We have some photos here c/o Michael Knox and Linda Heath. Unfortunately, the surfing photos didn't come out great but i think you will enjoy them anyway.

Paul Spear, Editor,

 Michael Knox

 Linda Heath


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