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Imperial Beach Trailer Park Residents feeling Sick from Gas Leak!

Aug 11, 2016 04:47PM ● By Paul Spear
According to Residents at an Imperial Beach Trailer Park they have been getting sick from a Gas Leak caused by work being done just outside their RV Park the past couple of days!

The Trailer Park located at 409 Palm Avenue has been a constant problem for residents according to Debra Davino who spoke to me about the gas leak. She said herself and her neighbor have been feeling sick the last couple of days only to find out this morning when they questioned workers in front of their trailer park doing work on the street and sidewalk that there was a gas leak going on.  According to Ms. Davino the constructions workers have been out there for days and the residents did not received any type of notification from management about the work being done or a gas leak being present.

Debra is not only worried about the leak for herself but for other residents of the trailer park as well. Debra went on to say that there are many residents at the park who are on oxygen or asthmatic and have existing breathing problems.

A reporter with Dig Imperial Beach, Linda Heath, went to the trailer park to take photos of the work being done and came away feeling lightheaded and with a sore throat after being onsite and taking photos.

Linda was also working at the church next door this morning which is next to the trailer park and several people complained of not feeling great but attributed it to the heat at the time unaware of the gas leak next door so it is not known if that was a cause of them not feeling well or not. Linda, had a migraine headache after her work there this morning which she claims is very unusual.

There is also an ongoing preschool at the church. It is not know if the children were ever in any danger from the gas leak. The preschoolers play outside right next to the trailer park. 

When Linda arrived to take photos SDG&E was onsite and Debra said SDG&E showed up yesterday and stayed until 11pm and had jackhammers going all night until they shut down at 11pm.

As no evacuations took place we can only surmise that SDG&E never thought anyone was in danger but with people getting sick and not being told officially that there was a gas leak one can only wonder if this situation has been handled properly.


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