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Sudberry Properties, City of IB hold Community Meeting to discuss possible Hotel at Breakwater Town Center site Monday Night

Jul 27, 2016 05:00PM ● By Paul Spear

Sudberry Properties  and the City of IB held a Community Meeting for the Neighbors of the BreakwaterTown Center to discuss possible Hotel at Breakwater Town Center site Monday Night.

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Meeting About Proposed Hotel Last Night Was Attended By Local Residents Colton Sudberry President of Sudberry Development and Andy Hall Imperial Beach City Manager.  Also in attendance were some City Council members, Estean Lenyoun Director of Urban Development, Sudberry Development.

The meeting began with a Powerpoint Presentation by Mr. Sudberry with schematics of the proposed 9th and Palm Breakwater Town Center Development.  It identified the various positioning of the retail outlets, the surrounding "Green" Wall of plants, tree placements, proposed parking spaces, alleyway improvement and finally the location of the large Retailer/ Hotel placement.

After the presentation the floor was opened to commentary and questions.  The questions began with inquiry about the Development and the original zoning for it.  It was discovered that the zoning had been changed regarding the residential property behind the development which lead to confusion about the property being rezoned for the hotel as well but the property was zoned all the time to have a hotel. It was just never discussed before.  A number of Residents asked more questions about this in regards to when the zoning had been changed and why.  It was noted that the zoning was changed after the original proposed development. Some Residents queried where the money had been spent and it was explained that the original owner of the property had utilized the funds. 

 It was identified by the Residents that very few people had been invited to the meeting and City Manager Hall replied that residents chosen were ones in the same area as the Mall development only as the ones most impacted by the property development.  He stated that more residents should have been invited and more meetings will occur at a later date.

The next topic was focused on the electrical system for the property and the dangerous 
 closeness of a large antiquated transformer box located very close to a Resident's property.  It was explained that the electrical system would be upgraded for the property and Andy Hall the City Manager stated that the City would address this issue with the Resident as Sudberry was not responsible for this issue.

Mr Sudberry was questioned about the Alley access beside the property running parallel to the Residential housing and how that would affect the daily living situations of the Residents such as lighting, noise level and vehicle traffic.  It was stated by Mr. Sudberry that all lighting would face into the mall and not towards the residential area, noise would be curtailed by closure of the mall at   pm in the evening.  The alleyway appeared to have an entrance/exit at the 7th St end and that was addressed by both the City Manager and Mr. Sudberry.  The City had  requested this access in the original proposal and he stated that since so many residents wanted access restricted and that access be limited to foot traffic only, that he would make sure that the City Council  would revisit this issue.  

The fencing around the property was questioned for issues relating to damage to residential property and graffiti issues.  It was stated that the wall would be a plant wall which would eliminate those issues and fully mature trees would be dispersed throughout the walled areas and within the Mall.  

The Hotel portion of the proposed Mall was a heavy topic of commentary and most Residents present were not in favor of it.  It was stated that the Hotel would be a Property of Hampton Inn or Marriott  and not a Motel 6 or Days Inn.  The Residents stated a concern for 24 hour traffic due to the Hotel and how again that would affect the surrounding Residents and that property vales would drop.  It was feared that the Hotel would become a "Party" place and be disruptive to the Neighborhood.  There was further concern for the number of parking spaces allotted to the hotel and how many.  It was stated that 1 space per room was reserved for the hotel guests directly in front and behind it. 

Paul Spear, Editor of asked Andy Hall what amount of tax revenue would ve vrought into the City of IB if a hotel was put in versus retail businesses. Andy Hall said that on a property that size that the hotel would generate over $800,000 in tax revenue versus about $300,000 from retail businesses.

It was brought up by a Resident as to why there were only Fast Food Restaurants currently occupying the filled spaces in the mall and why more retail and local business had not been located to fill those spaces.  The Development Company explained that they had been unable to elicit any retail businesses to the Mall and had been searching for 6 years to no avail.  It was asked why they had not invited local "Mom and Pop' small businesses and they responded that they had invited many and none responded.  

They mentioned that they had a firm contracted Retail Insight owned by Don and Matt Moser to do exactly that and they were interested in any retail business  and would welcome all proposals.

The final queries were related to the revenue generated by Retail businesses and The proposed Hotel and the grading of the dirt and why it was not a raised property rather than a deepened one since the area was identified as an area of flooding.
Many residents thought that the taxes generated would become the profits for Sudberry Development when in fact more tax revenue would be generated by the Hotel.  Mr. Sudberry again stated he was trying to comply with the current zoning requirements and develop the property rather than leave it underdeveloped.  The dirt scooping and tamping was addressed as an improvement factor and newer and significantly larger drainage pipes were being placed to control the issue.

The meeting ended on a high note complimenting Sudberry for sticking with the development and that Resident's were not against Sudberry but had concerns about a Hotel and issues that were perceived as a problem.  The meeting was well controlled without strong negativity or outbursts. All handled questions and answers with positive tone and the meeting was adjourned and many Residents and City Officials along with Mr. Sudberry and staff stayed to talk further on the proposed property development.

If you would like to visit Sudberry's website you can go to:

Linda Heath,



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