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IB Mayor's Breakfast last Week had lots going on!

Jul 23, 2016 05:42AM ● By Paul Spear

From 3k walk to Mayor's Swim and Paddle around the Pier followed by the Mayor's Breakfast and IB History Group Presentation last Friday was a very exciting morning!

Last Friday the Mayor's Breakfast had it all. IB Girl Scouts and Brownies Presented the Colors. The 3k walk started at 8am followed by the Mayor's 2nd Annual Swim and Paddle around the Pier. That was all followed by the Mayor's Breakfast and all during a good part of the time the IB History Group had a booth up showing IB'S rich and valuable history for all to see.

Awards were handed out, The Junior lifeguards had their awards day and there was entertainment going on as well. I shaw Representative Toni g Atkins passing out awards with the Mayor. City Council Member Ed Springs was there taking things in as was mark West candidate for City Council.

The IB History Group put on a great presentation of Imperial Beach's History and surprised the crowd with the vast number of subjects they had out on display. Dave Smith's Surfing history seemed to be a big hit as did Tim O'Neil's donation of items to the group. Hailey Bailey brought a table with great items to show. Jane McLaughlin's Curtains held a lot of IB History in them and were excellant. Joyce Ward was able to get a few of the old Miss IB's out of retirement and that went over very well. Linda Heath amazingly was able to get several new books of IB History out on the table for display and Ann Price and her husband Terry Winkle brought down their collection of IB History. Carol Nichols put out a nice display and many others helped in other areas. It was a great show in many ways but sad in others as not all displays were able to be put  out and some members didn't complete their tasks but others picked up the slack and no one in the crowd noticed unless their items happened to be the ones left out. for that I apologies for the group.
Dr Steven Schoenherr of the South Bay Historical Society deserves a lot of the credit as he helped the group get this together which it had never formally done before. Lorie Bragg who was the brainchild of all this deserves a lot of credit for recognizing the need for IB having a history display and "Thank you" for picking me, Paul Spear, to lead the group with you! Without any of the above people, the show would not have been a success.

Also, a very big "Thank you" to Ed Vea and the City of Imperial Beach for providing us the means to do this. Ed spent hours with me every week as we worked behind the scenes to do the things that no one sees but if not done we wouldn't have had a show. So "Thank you" very much Ed Vea. You and the people at city hall know how much time we spent together on this and your help was just amazing! I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR ALL YOU DID!

Now you can enjoy some great photos taken by Bryan Brilhart of the Mayor's Breakfast Events and photos by Dr Steven Schoenherr of the IB History Group and its booth.

Also a very special "Thank you" to Shawna Chalmers who spent days working on a logo for us. I apologies we didn't get our act together and i hope the new leaders of the IBHS can make the situation right.

And, thank you to the citizens of IB that helped us or came up and told us how much you loved the booth! We did it for you and we are so glad everyone seemed to love it so much!
Paul Spear, Editor

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