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South Bay Union Saves Water with Installation of Smart Link Wireless Landscape Networks

Jul 13, 2016 10:27AM ● By Paul Spear

Dear SBUSD parents, guardians, and community members,


South Bay Union Saves Water with Installation of Smart Link Wireless Landscape Networks


We are proud of the District focus on innovation and strategic uses of technology!  California’s statewide mandated water restrictions have many public agencies, including school districts, researching ways to decrease water usage to meet the required 15%-25% reduction.  South Bay Union previously analyzed our indoor water usage and upgraded our bathrooms with more systems.  However, we know that up to 70% of water usage in school districts is used outdoors, primarily on landscaping. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 50% of water used for landscaping is wasted due to inefficient watering methods.


In order to address this problem, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in conjunction with SoCal Water$mart, created the Public Agency Landscape (PAL) Program. This program encourages agencies, including schools that have not already installed water- efficient landscape equipment, to do so. The program offers enhanced incentives paid in advance to enable public agencies to install water efficient landscape devices at their facilities and on their grounds at virtually no cost.


South Bay Union has selected Weathermatic, a worldwide company and a leader in water sustainability, to supply and install their Smart Link Wireless Landscape Network at all district sites. This new system will allow us to access any one of our 47 controllers throughout the district to adjust watering times or turn off the controllers from a computer or cell phone instead of going to the sites to make adjustments. The new automated weather stations, installed at all sites, can sense if it is raining and will automatically turn off the sprinkler system. The stations can also measure the amount of moisture in the soil and will automatically delay the watering cycle if appropriate.


The installation of these new water-efficient systems will better enable us to meet the landscaping needs of the District, while leading water conservation efforts in our community.  Thank you to our Facilities team for their work on this project.





Katie McNamara, Ed.D.

District Superintendent

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