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Can you Identify anyone in this Photo of West View Elementary Class of 1953?

Jun 29, 2016 09:58PM ● By Paul Spear

Can you Identify anyone in this Photo of West View Elementary Class of 1953?

We have lots of unidentified photos, if you can help please let us know!

About the Imperial Beach Historical Society

Our group started off in late January of 2016 as the IB History Group and was formed to put together a booth for the City of Imperial Beach's 60th Anniversary Celebration taking place at the Mayor's Breakfast on Friday July 15th and Saturday July 16th at the Sun and Sea Festival. That is our first and most immediate project.

Once the project got started it became clear that there was also a bigger need than to that to just organize and put the existing history into binders for presentation. It is clear that much of Imperial Beach's history is getting unintentionally lost or destroyed. With the passing of longtime residents of Imperial Beach not only do historical possessions get thrown out because their children don't understand their historical value to the community or there is no place for them to donate the historical items if they do. Our older residents are valuable resources in so many way. In our case their knowledge of the past is invaluable and we need to sit down with them to record their memories as well. There is also a need to collect old photos, news clipping and stories about the city’s part and keep them organized in a centralized depositary so they don’t get lost or destroyed.

To help achieve that goal we joined the South Bay Historical Society (SBHS) and became our own independent Chapter of the South Bay Historical Society a non-profit 501(3)C organization formed to preserve the history of the South Bay area of San Diego which includes Imperial Beach. We also changed our name to better reflect our goals and became the Imperial Beach Historical Society. As an independent chapter of the SBHS it allows Imperial Beach to maintain control of what happens to its history. As a note, anything given to the Imperial Beach Branch Library becomes property of the County of San Diego and can be controlled at their pleasure and the citizens of Imperial Beach have no control of what happens to it.

We now have about 12 active members working on the City's 60th Anniversary Celebration and also working hard on our long term goal of the preservation of our City's history and to share it with all of the community by the creation someday of an Imperial Beach History Museum.

We hope that you will feel the preservation of Imperial Beach’s History is as important as we do.

Currently we meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4pm in the Community Room at 1210 Hemlock Avenue getting ready for the City’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. All are welcome who have an interest in helping with the presentation and preservation of Imperial Beach’s History.

We also hope that those who have a strong interest look into joining the South Bay Historical which includes the Imperial Beach Chapter. The cost is $20 a year for an individual and $30 a year for a family. I will be happy to email you the application or you can find it online at:

Thank you,

Paul Spear

Imperial Beach Historical Society




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