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Linda's IB Kitchen: Patriotic Red White and Blue Potato Salad with Beets

May 28, 2016 09:02PM ● By Linda Heath

Patriotic Red White and Blue Potato Salad with Beets


1 bag of tricolor potatoes (red, white and blue sold in most grocery stores, Vons for       sure) washed well and boiled until tender, skin on, cut into cubes (crushed by hand)
1 can whole beets drained and chopped or sliced beets cut into quarters
1 Cup mayonnaise
1 Cup Jalapeno Ranch salad dressing (Lighthouse brand)
8-10 dill pickles chopped or 1/2 Cup dill relish
1 can sliced black olives
1 small jar green olives with pimentos, chopped
1/2 medium onion chopped
6 cloves fresh diced garlic, or 2 Tbsp garlic or roasted garlic powder
1 can chopped green chilies
salt and pepper to taste
Cajun seasoning to taste 
4 boiled eggs, sliced

handful of fresh parsley
                  1 tsp fresh chives
                   1 1/2 Tbsp Mexican Oregano
1.  cook chopped (or whole, to be crushed by hand) potatoes in boiling water until tender
2.  drain potatoes and cool in cold running water
3.  place potatoes is chopped in large bowl, or crush cooled potatoes by hand and place in     bowl 
4.  add beets
5.  coat potatoes with a mixture of 1 Cup mayonnaise and 1 Cup Jalapeno Ranch dressing
6.  add all other ingredients and optional if desired to bowl and mix well to coat thoroughly
7.  chill if you can for an hour before serving to blend flavors, but of course it may be difficult   to wait to dive into it!

Serve with your favorite grilled meat, poultry or fish, perhaps add some grilled veggies to the meal.  You can even add grilled peaches, apricots and bananas for dessert over vanilla ice cream!  Oh My so delicious!  My mouth is watering already.  Remember to cook with love, use locally grown ingredients and fresh is always best.  Linda

Please remember to comment, good or not so good, and if you share this please give credit, thank you and enjoy.  Linda


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