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IB Historical Society & the IB Tree will be featured on the ABC Channel 10, 6 O'Clock News Tonight

May 23, 2016 05:02PM ● By Paul Spear

The Imperial Beach Historical Society & the IB Tree will be featured on the ABC Channel 10, 6 O'Clock News Tonight. Paul Spear, Ann Price, Terry Winkle, David Smith and Linda Heath were all interviewed by were all interviewed by ABC News Reporter Robert Santos.

After seeing the article about the Historic Tree on over the weekend, Channel 10 News contacted me, Paul Spear, to request to do an interview and story about Imperial Beach's Historic Tree. 

I was contacted by ABC 10News Reporter Robert Santos with the request and he asked if there were any other people he could speak to about the tree with the Imperial Beach Historical Society he had heard about from the article. I contacted David Smith, Ann Price and Terry Winkle as they knew the most about the tree of all the people in the group. David Smith was actually at the City's Incorporation Celebration in 1956 when he was six years old and vividly remembers the tree from that day. Ann Price actually has a brochure named "A Tree Grows in Imperial Beach" that shows the tree in front of Coronado Federal Savings and Loan. The Brochure shows which trees are going to be planted in Imperial Beach and each street that they are going to be planted.

Late breaking news - Sudberry Properties to Save Stump for citizens so it can be replanted and hopefully the tree will rise again!

About:                           Imperial Beach Historical Society


Collect and organize Imperial Beach history leading to the establishment of our Own History Museum in the future


As the Imperial Beach chapter of the South Bay Historical Society, we will present the history we have organized for display.  We will collect photographs, newspaper articles, documents, or anything of historical value having to do with Imperial Beach.

 Guiding Principles:

The purpose of the I.B. History Committee is to provide the people of Imperial Beach, both present and those who moved away with a place to look, read and remember the history of Imperial Beach.

 In achieving this purpose, the following principles will guide our decisions and actions:

 1.      We will accomplish the mission

 2.      We recognize that the people are our most important resource 

3.      We are constantly working to improve.   We must reach out to  

             the people of I.B. And keep communication open at all times. 4.      We must explore all              possibilities - suspend disbelief

                                                                    Strategic Goals:

Strategic Goal #1   Collect Historical Items

·  Solicit, categorize and identify photos and memorabilia of significant
Events and people of Imperial Beach         

Strategic Goal #2   Promote the upcoming I.B. History Museum

·  At all events we have our booth open, we will have a sign 
Featuring the new Museum and a container for collecting donations.

Strategic Goal #3   Identify and obtain location for History Museum

·  Seek out, Identify and obtain location for the new museum

For more information on the group you can contact Lorie Bragg at or Paul Spear at (619) 844-0142 or


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