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The Life of Imperial Beach Scientist Eugene LaFond courtesy of the IB History Group and the South Bay Historical Society

May 16, 2016 09:19AM ● By Paul Spear

The Life of Imperial Beach Scientist Eugene LaFond courtesy of the IB History Group and the South Bay Historical Society. Moving to Imperial Beach in 1921, Eugene played a role with Volunteer fire And Police Departments and contributed Land to the Imperial Beach Methodist Community Church.

Note before the Story about Eugene: This article was written by Steve Schoenherr of the IB History Group and the South Bay Historical Society (SBHS). Imperial Beach now has its own Independent Chapter of the SBHS. 

The Imperial Beach History Group works with the IB Chapter of the SBHS on the preparation fof the City of Imperial Beach's 60th Anniversary Celebration to be held on July 15th at the Mayor's Breakfast which is part of the Sun and Sea Festival. tHE ib History Group plans to have a large booth displaying over 15 different categories of Imperial Beach History. 

To achieve this they need your help! This cannot be achieved without you contributions be it financial, or contributing history you may have around the house. The group also needs members to help catalog the history they already have for the Celebration. Now anything donated is a TAX DEDUCTIBLE  CONTRIBUTION or they will be happy to receive items on loan. 

You can contact any member of the group for information including IB Council Woman Lorie Bragg at or Paul Spear at  or (619) 844-9142

       The Life of Imperial Beach Scientist Eugene LaFond





 Check out the complete Eugene LaFond story at

A large "Thank you" to the Imperial Beach United Methodist Church for allowing us to access their information. Their information was invaluable for putting the complete story together.

Eugene LaFond story written by Steven Schoenherr, South Bay Historical Society and the IB History Group


                        South Bay Historical Society and the Imperial Beach Chapter
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The mission of the South Bay Historical Society is to preserve andPROMOTE the history of the region of San Diego from National City to the border. We plan to accomplish this mission in the following ways:
  • To form a nonprofit educational organization with bylaws and a board of directors that serve the needs of its membership.

  • To hold regular meetings that will allow all members to participate in historical discussions and join inACTIVITIES that promote the mission of the Society.

  • To publish a monthly Bulletin and maintain a database of resources useful to understanding the history of the region.

  • To act as a clearinghouse for the many organizations in the region that are involved in education and historic preservation, and to promote the sharing ofINFORMATIONabout historic sites, family artifacts and photographs, exhibits and oral histories.

We first met in August 2013 at the invitation of Susan Walter in her historic John Davidson home on Second Avenue in Chula Vista. After that exploratory meeting, Helen Halmay wrote an article about theNEW Society for the Congress of History. Our small group represented the communities of National City, Chula Vista, Bonita and Lincoln Acres, and it was decided that a society was needed to represent all communities in the South Bay. The first South Bay Historical Society was founded in 1958 by Irene Phillips who wrote a regular column in the National City Star-News and a series of nine books on the history of the National Ranch and the South Bay. It disbanded after her death in 1972. John Rojas and Ruby Peters Machado founded the Chula Vista Historical Society in 1981 but it disbanded after the death of Rojas in 2000. The only other historical society in the area is the National City Historical Society that operates the Kimball House Museum on Brick Row. We hope toCONTINUE the service and traditions of these societies that have come before us. 

The following have been elected to the Board of Directors for 2015: Steve Schoenherr, President; Harry Orgovan, Vice-President, Patricia Huffman, Secretary/Treasurer, Mitch Beauchamp, David Neffew, Peter Watry, Barbara Zaragoza. 

The Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and theMEMBERSHIP dues of $20 per year areTAX DEDUCTIBLE.JOIN now by mailing your check with thismembership form to:
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