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Dig Imperial Beach is only Publication servicing IB that post for Non-Profits for Free

Apr 03, 2016 11:09PM ● By Paul Spear

Dig Imperial Beach or is only Publication servicing Imperial Beach that post for Non-Profits for Free. Some may do it part of the time but we do it ALL THE TIME!

And we will do so just so long as certain conditions are met. If we are posting for free for an organization and they or someone associated with that non-profit pay for any advertising or promotion we expected to be paid the same for our time as well. Or if we are posting for a non-profit and they do a promotion for another publication, we ask to receive comparable promotion.

The are print publications in town that will give you free space when it suits them however they will not do it all the time. Recently, a publication got someone associated with it to advertise with them if they did a special on a certain non-profit. We do not feel this is right. If their is a sotr to do about a non-profit it should never ever be paid for. Paying to get articles published about non-profits set up a terrible president. What if there is a story that should be done about a non-profit but they can't afford it and their members can't afford it. Does that mean their story gets passed over then. 

We believe it shouldn't get passed over and that is why we are against any non-profit or member of a non-profit paying for articles.

So if you are a non-profit and want to ensure that our non-profit gets published because it's the right thing to do and not because someone can find someone to pay for it, please join me in insisting that the playing field is level for everyone! If someone want you to pay, bring the idea to us, we will publish it because its the right thing to do, not because someone has line their pockets.

Because we do so much posting for free we do depend on business advertising so when ever possible be sure to shop or at least "Thank out advertisers" and if you want to ensure that we are still around to help, a donation is appreciated but never required!

Thank you for Supporting Dig Imperial Beach

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