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For Second year in a Row, Imperial Beach has lowest Crime Rate In San Diego County

Mar 30, 2016 04:07AM ● By Paul Spear

At the Sheriff's Department "Coffee with the Community Tuesday night we learned that for the Second year in a Row, Imperial Beach has lowest Crime Rate In San Diego County!

Imperial Beach beats out its neighbor Coronado and all of San Diego County for second year in a row with the lowest crime rate in the county at 15.17.

This is the first "Coffee with the Community" since Lt Taft replaced Lt dave Brown who was he through December. We were told that the Sheriff's Department likes to rotate this position every 1.5 to  2 years.

 All crimes were trending down except for two, home burglary and shoplifting! 
We were told that Home burglary is a figure that bounces up and down. Quite often it takes a temporary spike up when someone get released from prison who has a history of committing that crime. Per the Sheriff's they then check to see who has been released from prison and lives in the community. If that is the case they are quickly to get the situation monitored and it's not long before that person is caught and the crime rate in tat area starts dropping again.

The other thing they really wanted to make people aware of is tat this type of crime usually takes place between 8am and 4pm when people are off at work.Locking doors, securing windows were things they recommended. They didn't mention that a barking dog does a good job keeping them away in this meeting but it has been mentioned in other meetings.put on by the Sheriffs. 

Vehicle theft is trending up in the county and we were told that when that happens it usually isn't much longer before that trend catches up with everyone. So there were tips on locking your car, never leave your keys in the car and of course, never leave your car while it is running even if you are going to just run in and out of the house real quick. But the better tip was not to leave anything out and visible in your car that might tempt a thief. If they don't see anything in the inside of your car they usually move on to the next car hoping to find something visible,

There were two issues that they really pushed and although we have not been struck by any terrorism they made a point that we are having several large events coming up with the Sun and Sea Festival (July 15th and July 16th) Fourth of July and the Amgen Tour of California (May 15). This is part of the Tour de France races and will have international riders making it attractive as well. the Sheriff's said that these types of crowds are what terrorists are looking 
 for. They said it is of the utmost importance that if you see anything strange that you call the Sheriff's Department right away. They said to call dispatch at 858-565-5200. They call always upgrade the call to 911 if the circumstance are judged to be an emergency. They recommended that you put the 858-565-5200 in your cellphone so you have it handy.

The other issue they talked about was our children being targeted on the internet by various types of terrorists. Everything from Eco Terrorists to ISIS and everything between. They play up to issue the children are unhappy with and slowly reel them in becoming their friends and playing along with every issue they have. They recommended that you keep a close eye on your child internet use and the friends they are hanging out with or if all of a sudden they are hanging out with new friends.

We'll have  more information out about the meeting along with some photographs but we wanted to get this information out now and we will do a followup soon!

Thank you!
Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach


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