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As in 1976 with Freda Elliot and Mary Jane Ethington, Can you Help with our History?

Mar 30, 2016 02:10AM ● By Paul Spear

As in 1976 with Freda Elliot and Mary Jane Ethington, Can you Help with our History? We need help in many areas. 

You don't have to be an expert to help! We need help in many areas. 

If you have historical items we are happy to have them. They can also be loaned to the city and returned to you after the event. You will be issued a receipt for your items!

We need volunteers with knowledge of history and
volunteers who are just willing to help out like myself!

History will be divided up and displayed by subject. Subject include but are not limited to the following. (We will be looking for Docent (Theme Leaders) to be in charge of various subjects)

1. IB People
2. Education-Schools
3. Government (will be sub divided)
    a. Police/Sheriff
    b. Fire Department
    c. City government
    d. Lifeguards
    e. Mayors
    f. City Hall/City Buildings
4. Military/Ream Field/Ft ann Marie/Calvary, Emery, Organizations
5. Churches
6. Organizations - IB Woman's Club, Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts, Girl                                               Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Garden Club, and more
7 Sports, IB Little league, IB Girls softball, Sports Park?
8 Sandcastle Festival
9. Sloughs
10. historical Events, flooding, and other significant events
11. IB Pier
12. Historical Tree
13 Iconic Places
14. Business & Businesses
15 Politics
16 Obituaries
17. IB Newspaper
18. Missing Subjects

If you have an interest and becoming a Docent/Theme Leader and being in charge of helping with a subject please contact Paul Spear at or or 619-884-9142.

If you have an interest in submitting historical photos or items they can be loaded to the group, a receipt issue and the items returned to you when our project is completed or you can turn them in as a donation. In either case call Ed Vea or Paul Spear to make arraignments. You can contact Ed Vea at (619) 423-8615 or or Paul Spear at (619) 844-9142 or DigImperialBeach. Please reference "IB History Group" in title of all emails.


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