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Cozette Morstein's "Free Little Library" sparks, trend, interest with Imperial Beach Community

Mar 27, 2016 06:08PM ● By Paul Spear

Cozette Morstein's "Free Little Library" on Connecticut Avenue has sparked a trend and interest within the Imperial Beach Community. Although she claims she wasn't the first in IB she definitely is number 1.

What is a "Free Little Library"? As described by Wikipedia, a Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that supports the 
worldwide movement to offer free books housed in small containers to members of the local community. The organization is based in Hudson, Wisconsin, US. Little Free Libraries are also referred to as community book exchanges, neighborhood book exchanges, book trading posts, pop-up libraries, and micro-libraries, and have been likened to human bird feeders. 

For a fee, Library owners can create their own library box, usually about the size of a doll house, or purchase one from the website. For a fee, libraries may be registered and assigned a number at the organization's website. Owners receive a sign that reads "Little Free Library". They often have the phrase, "Take a Book. 
 Leave a Book. "The Little Free Library Index lists locations with GPS coordinates and information. Owners of the libraries are responsible for keeping them stocked with books and in working order.

In speaking with Cozette, I was told there was a "Free Little Library" in Imperial Beach before hers ever got started but there is know doubt that she is clearly the leader and trendsetter in the Imperial Beach Community with her "Little Free Library". 

Cozette is constantly managing her library to give the user, us, with the best possible experience.  She does this by changing around the books she puts out. She has found that children's books seem to be the most popular books but they are not the only books the 
 community has shown interest in. At holidays, you will find that Cozette has updated her library for that holiday or occasion. At halloween, she had all sorts of spooky books out for both children and adults. The other thing Cozette has done to set herself apart in the community is to post what she is doing on Facebook. so when Christmas came, we got to see a selection of some of the books she had. Here Library is named after her unofficial greeter Sterling. A beautiful dog who is happy to 
 come up and great you and is often rewarded by the visitors with a dog treat.

There are two other Free Little Libraries listed in Imperial Beach on the company's website. One is at the Boys and Girls Club at 847 Encina Avenue and is listed as being run by Girl Scout Troop 6116. The other is at a residence on Hickory Ct in Imperial Beach. Bt going to this website you can find the Free Little Library closest to you anywhere in the world:

Cozette and Sterling have done such a great job of promoting their "Free Little Library" on Facebook and rotating different types of books to meet the communities needs that she drew the interest of the local Kiwanis group, the Imperial Beach South Bay Kiwanis. They have had her come speak at a meeting and Cozette has been giving them tips and help. The Imperial Beach South Bay Kiwanis is now looking into putting up three of their own "Free Little Library;s" in the greater Imperial Beach Community as a way to get more books out to children so they have a chance to read and grow!

You can follow this Little Free Library on Facebook at 91932 Sterling's Little Free Library on Connecticut. and see what type of books Sterling has out today!

So the next time you are near, drive or walk by 1330 Connecticut Avenue you can see the fabulous job Cozette has done with her library and know it was with her effort, giving and kindness towards the community that has spurred the Kiwanis on to looking at putting in 3 more Little Free Library's! And if you bring a treat for Sterling, that would be nice too!

The pictures in the Photo Gallery include the nice neighbors who were willing to donate there time to put Cozette's Little Free Library together for her!

Thank you Cozette and Sterling you truly are one of IB's Stars!


Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach


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