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Local Doctor, Dr Lajvardi, is Making a big difference in his Patient's Lives

Mar 08, 2016 07:47PM ● By Paul Spear

Dr Lajvardi has been in Imperial Beach over a year now and is Making a difference in his Patient's Lives.

Dr. Robert Lajvardi opened a new office in Imperial Beach at 705 Palm Avenue about 16 months ago around the end of 2014. His business replaced a doctor's office that had previously been there for a very long time. I had been seeing the old doctor there before 

 Doctor Lajvardi and his staff took over. Sadly to say, before Dr. Lajvardi came in, things there had gotten to the point that the office was badly in need of a change. Care was getting worse and the employees seemed as uninspired as the old paint on the wall.


 l should have seen it coming. During the month I first saw Dr. Lajvardi everything had been 

 cleaned up and the office looked much nicer. It was perfect. There was a fresh look to go with a fresh attitude that had spread through the office. Everything had been repainted and the office had a fresh look and feel. Normally I see a new doctor and go running the other way but I had been seeing the previous doctor because he was so close to home and my other doctor, my specialist, was a long distance away so having someone close by was important to me so I stuck the change out.

I am so glad that I waited to see the new doctor because the funniest thing happened to me. I got extremely good service and he took the time to sit down and explain things to me in a way I could understand. No rushing me out the door so he could get to his next patient. And the follow up through was great!  


 Dr. Lajvardi took the time to explain how everything worked. After our discussion, I went home and processed all the information he gave me. I determined that for me, I need to change to a different insurance plan to be able to get the best service for my condition. I had a Medicare HMO plan and with the new knowledge gained I was able to see that, wasn't the plan that best met my needs. I followed up studying other plans. With my new understanding of how things worked I picked the plan(s) that gave me what was best for me. Finally I had information so I could make the best informed determination to get the insurance that best matched medical needs I needed. Not what was best for a neighbor or a friend, but what was actually best for me. And although he didn't tell me which plan to choose or make any recommendation on a plan, I had the information to determine which plans were best for me rather than taking a salesman word on what was best for me. I didn’t get pushed into a plan that was best for the insurance agent’s paycheck. With Dr. Lajvardi’s care, my health has improved substantially and if I do get sick or something seems wrong I have the confidence that Dr. Lajvardi will be able to help or get me to someone who can.

Now, there is no more stress when I have to go visit the doctor.  I know that I will get the 

 treatment or information I need to know. If ne, if a referral is needed, I will get referred to a specialist in a timely manner to take care of my need. On top of that, all this time the office atmosphere is friendly and light which helps keep me relaxed. This week I am actually excited about going in to see Dr. Lajvardi. Before that it was, “oh no, I have another doctor's visit this week”.

If you are in need of an excellent doctor that takes Medicare and most of the major insurance companies, I would strongly recommend that you take the time, and make an appointment and go meet Dr. Lajvardi and his staff. Bring a smile with you because he has a good sense of humor.

Health is the hardest thing to get back when it is lost, it can't be easily regained. Don't gamble with your health!  To wait an hour in an office to only get 5 minutes of the doctor’s time talking to you and not getting a word in or answers to any of your questions is unacceptable and with Dir. Lajvardi and his staff, that doesn’t happen. You get things explained to you and your questions get answered. Proper care isn't worth gambling your health on! Give Dr. Lajvardi and his staff a try; you'll be very happy that you did.

You will find an environment with friendly and competent employees that include: 
Vanessa Rogita – office Manager, Melissa Murguia – Medical Assistant and Manuel Agune - Ultrasound Tech


Dr. Robert Lajvardi's office can be found at

Encompass Family and Internal Medicine Group
705 Palm Ave #B (Southeast corner)
Imperial beach, CA 91932
Phone: (619) 424-5106

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