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Finest City Wrestling with a knockout

Mar 01, 2016 07:06AM ● By James De La Cerna
As the "This is Awesome" chants filled the arena throughout the night, well over hundreds in attendance stood on the edge of their seat. From tag team matches, singles bouts, and an amazingly incredible display of athleticism and true toughness in the Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, the match saw individuals jumping off of basketball hoops in Webb Gymnasium. The crowd frivolously ate up what they saw from the performers throughout the night.

The Main Event of the evening saw 4 contestants jockeying for the XRT Championship belt, the title awarded to the most Hardcore Wrestler within the division. Again from contestants flying off the top of the basketball hoop, to wrestlers jumping off the 2nd floor and onto the basketball court atop other wrestlers, a lot of high flying took place. There was yet another sequence where a wrestler was Powerbombed off the top turnbuckle and onto a line of about 8 chairs. From this match in particular, the lasting highlight I could recall was an individual jumping off the very top of the backboard of the basketball hoop, backflipping through the air and onto another opponent standing in the ring. I mean these men were performing amazing moves, and thank goodness nobody was seriously injured! But that is all part of the performance, and these individuals certainly deserve Kudos for their maximum effort, but there could only be one champion: enter Danny "Limelight" Rivera, standing tall and raising the championship title over his bruised and battered head!

But this was not the only lasting moment from this amazing card, it was a heart-felt moment that ultimately stole the show. As seen in the video below,Joey Ryan and his girlfriend, Laura James, wrestled in a closely contested bout. An accidental knockdown of the referee had Laura James concerned, and wanting to check up on the status of the referee. Meanwhile, with her back turned, Joey Ryan crawls to the opposite corner turnbuckle to reach for something underneath the towel, something totally unexpected, he reaches for the ring. As she turns around, he is already on bended knee, announcing proposal, not only to the shock of Laura James, but also to those in attendance. The "This is Awesome" chants at full blast, another shocking event occurred immediately following the proposal, Joey Ryan rolled up his fiancee for a 3 count and a victory in the match. She stands up smiling in disbelief of what just happened. Joey Ryan grabs the microphone "First of all, I am a professional," he explains. And ultimately, that is what these individuals are, they are performers and entertainers, but they are also real human-beings outside of the ring as well, which made for an awesomely real moment within the confines of the "squared circle."

Check out the video below if you would like to see the proposal, as it has surpassed well over 1,000,000 views on YouTube within the past week! Amazing work by Gus Parsons and Finest City Wrestling, and stay tuned for future FCW promotions that will be hosted at the Boys & Girls Clubs of South County!


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Joey Ryan proposes to Laura James in the middle of their Pro Wrestling match

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