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Longtime IB Resident, Ann Price, Displays a 60 Year Photo showing Imperial Beach's Tree Planting Celebration in 1956

Feb 06, 2016 08:32AM ● By Paul Spear
Longtime Imperial Beach Resident, Ann Price, Displays a 60 Year Photo showing Imperial Beach's Tree Planting Celebration in 1956 from Facebook Page dedicated to finding "lost & forgotten' history of Imperial Beach.

In the cover photo, it easily could be that Dr. Hayes help bring a lot of longtime IB residents into this world!

Ann has contributed several very historic photographs on Facebook page "Imperial Beach 60 years of History" that was setup by Paul Spear with Lorie Bragg's permission to try and track down lost and forgotten history of Imperial Beach.

Apparently, the page is working just as it has been hoped with very historical photographs being contributed by Ann, Brian Pat Bilbray, Sha-Ron Cobb (the very first to contribute), Lorie Bragg and others.

Ann price had other pieces of early IB History worth noting!
If you have have anything to add, you can do it at Facebook Page "Imperial Beach 60 years of History",

Here are Ann's amazing find with notes!
Ann Price You're more than welcome. I'm attempting to locate other items of interest. My father worked for city maintenance and was a reserve police officer. My step-father was an engineer in the fire department. My mom was a member of a couple of women's associations, unfortunately I can't remember the names of the groups. I've scanned a couple of pics you might be interested in. Back row, 2nd from left is Bascomb (Bob) West, engineer & my step-father. Front row, far left is Earle Humphrey. I believe the Fire Chief is Al Hague.
Ann Prices photo

Ann Price This was a woman's group event, Christmas 1960. If I remember correctly it was an installation of officers. The names of the ladies are on the back. My mom is at the far right. This was at Gladys Fuller's home, 281? Elkwood.
Ann Prices photo

Ann Price September 1960 but nothing else written on the back. I know some names but not all. My mom, Gladys Fox, in the front at the far right with her right hand on me. Back row, far right is Alta Neil, who's husband owned Neil's Automotive. Front row, far left, I believe is Julia Rolf and back row far left might be Pat Stigge. Maybe Julia Rolf can help out with this?
Ann Prices photo

Lorie Bragg Wow! I remember those names! It's so important that we add names to photos wherever we can, and also dates!! My mentor, Freda Adams, drilled that into my thick head! It sure goes a long way when we're trying to create our historical time lines! I hope you all are enjoying this as much as I am!!

Cover Photo:


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