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The TJ River Valley could become a Zika Virus Strong Unless it's cleaned up immediately, IB Mayor Serge Dedina told a Fox 5 Interview Today!

Feb 05, 2016 05:39PM ● Published by Paul Spear

Per Dedina the TJ River Valley is already home to several species of mosquitoes. This includes the Asian Tiger mosquito, considered to be the primary carrier of the Zika virus.

The virus, which affects pregnant women, who deliver babies with head and brain defects. To date, about 4,000 cases have been reported, primarily in Brazil and other parts of South America.

Dedina told Fox 5 that he believes the biggest problem are the thousands of tires strewn around the valley that accumulate water and act as breeding grounds for the virus-carrying mosquitoes.

"Those breeding grounds are areas with lots of waste water, tires, and plastic and we seem to have that in profusion here, in addition to the two species of mosquito -- yellow fever mosquito and Asian tiger mosquito -- that can transmit Zika," Dedina told FOX 5.

Dedina said that unless a massive cleanup is launched in the Tijuana River Valley, we could see Zika cases in San Diego and Tijuana.

You can read all of the mayors interview with Fox5 news at:


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