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IB History starts to Surface as Council Members Bragg and Bilbray contribute to Imperial Beach History page on Facebook for City’s 60th Anniversary

Feb 03, 2016 07:26PM ● By Paul Spear

Imperial Beach History starts to Surface as Council Members Lorie Bragg and Brian Pat Bilbray contribute “Imperial Beach 60 years of History” page on Facebook for City’s 60th Anniversary.

July 18th 2016 will be the City of Imperial Beach's 60th Anniversary. In anticipation of that event, Dig Imperial Beach started a Facebook page in search of lost or forgotten Imperial Beach.

 IB Council Member Lorie Bragg, who has been the unofficial collector of Imperial Beach History since the passing in 2013 of Freda Adams, recently asked Paul Spear, of Dig Imperial Beach, to help with the City's History Booth which will be displaying history of Imperial Beach at the Mayoral Breakfast on Friday, July 15th. The Mayoral Breakfast is part of the Sun and Sea and held the day before the historical sandcastle event. With the City of Imperial Beach celebrating its 60th anniversary this year it was decided to have a large booth display historical photographs and other items at the event.

With that it was decided in today's modern information era to start a Facebook page looking 

 for lost and forgotten photographs and other items making up the history of Imperial Beach.

Thank you to everyone who is quickly joining on the train to view and display some of Imperial Beach's history. Sha-Ron Cobb got things started off yesterday with an old newspaper clipping displaying the former IB Mayor Bilbray, currant Mayor Serge Dedina, Benny Holt and Jack Burns in much earlier times. 

Today we received contributions from Imperial Beach City Council Members Lorie Bragg and Council Member Brian "Pat" Bilbray on the page. Pat posted many photographs including his fathers campaign shirt from 1980 and Lorie contributed a photo of her childhood home from 1950. The public is invited to view and contribute historical items of Imperial Beach on this Facebook Page at : Imperial Beach 60 Years of History .... If you have any old Imperial Beach History and you would like to contribute it for the July 15th booth you can contact Council Member Lorie Bragg or Paul Spear of Dig Imperial Beach. You can also drop it by City Hall and give it to Ed Vea to pass along. Ed hasn't been told this yet but I will contact him Wednesday to give him a heads-up.


Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach - 619-289-3654


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