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Young IB Artists will be replacing the Murals at Bibbey's Shells with New Ones!

Jan 17, 2016 02:28AM ● By Paul Spear
A new crop of Young Imperial Beach Artist will be getting a chance to put their Skills on Display as the replace the old Murals at the Imperial Beach Landmark, Bibbey’s Shells.

Bryan Brillhart catches currant murals in our "Photo Gallery".


In a couple of weeks if everything stays on schedule with a new set of Murals will be painted on the outside of the Imperial Beach Landmark. It is part of Mike Bibbey's efforts to support young Imperial Beach artists.

Mike Bibbey and his family have owned and operated the shop since 1985. Mike Bibbey, the owner, said the shop started having murals put on about 10 years ago and the shop has turned into an Imperial Beach Landmark because of it. Mike said it has turned into a way to let young Imperial Beach artists put their skills on display.

Local resident, Bryan Brillhart said that he would like to see this type of artwork on other business around Imperial Beach.

 Bibbey's Shop is an Imperial Beach Landmark! The owner Michael Bibbey and his family have been there about 30 years now. In speaking with Mike he said that they bought the shop in 1985 and said  "We have been having the murals done for about 10 years now".
The building on the corner of Seacoast Drive and Elm Ave, with its shelves, baskets and showcases full of seashells inside and its ocean-themed murals outside, is a local landmark. 
A great white shark painted on the front of the building a few years ago sparked some drama when city officials thought it might be misinterpreted as a warning. c/o SD Union Tribune

Bibbey's is located at:
  • 903 Seacoast Dr
    Imperial Beach, CA 91932
  • Phone number(619) 423-5133

Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach



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