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Two Imperial Beach Business Women are helping Small Home Businesses grow by marketing their Products and Business like Larger Businesses!

Jan 13, 2016 07:53AM ● By Paul Spear

Two Imperial Beach Business Women are helping Small Home Businesses grow by marketing their Products and Business like Larger Businesses!

They operate by the motto “WE HERE TO HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS BUILD YOUR BRAND AND MAKE YOU SHINE". And with that motto they have brought an exciting new business to Imperial Beach.

I first became familiar with them when they had an Art and Craft Vendor show at the Imperial Beach Garden Apartments. There was a showing that day by about 40 to 50 craft vendors and artists.

These are very two talented women: Shawna does Graphics Design now after a successful career in Sales Marketing and Mathematics Physic and Edel has a Degree on Criminal Justice and Forensic Psychology. Edel also has a certified as Wedding and Event Planner and Social Media Marketing Manager.

For many years now Imperial Beach has been filled with lots of wonderful entrepreneurs, artists and craft vendors but there has been no way for them to advertise, display and sell their wares. However, now with the help of Edel Vernazza and Shawna Chalmers and the San Diego Small Business Forum (SD SBF) a way is being created for them to help solve this problem Edel and Shawna noticed something missing from our community and one day got together and after several brainstorming meetings and putting together their amazing skills, they figured out what the artists and craft vendors were missing was an organization to be able to market their services as a whole instead of one artist or vendor try to search all over to try and find an event to sell their wares. Now in just the short time they have been able to get a group of local artists to come together and be represented by their idea, "SD Small Business Forum.

Because the SD SBF had a group of artists and craft venders in hand, they were able to get Christmas comes to IB to be able to add a large area for Artists and Craft Vendors to their program. With the help of the SD SBF the vast majority of the artists and venders selling that day were there because of them. Now they have them lined up for a show in February. With great expectations for the future!

However, helping out artists and craft vendors is just a part of what they do to help Small Home Businesses. The SD Small Business Forum not only provide support and help to Artist and Craft vendors but they also concentrates on helping all small business entrepreneurs by growing their business, building their brand and making them shine. They provide different type of services from advertising, marketing, logo design, web design, events planner, wedding planner and much more!!

The best proof is always in performance so I put the two women to work for me and helping Dig Imperial Beach. I was very impressed by the work they did for me. Without giving away secrets they brought me into the current world of social medial, Redesigned my Facebook and Webpage Banner and in a short time I can say I noticed a significate increase in my business.

 The San Diego Small Business Forum is hard working and Talented enough to help all entrepreneurs reach their goals. If you have a small business and want to increase your business and have all the tools available to compete with larger businesses, I would greatly recommend that you contact the San Diego Small Business Forum!

 Per Edel "this 2016 SD Small Business Forum has many great projects in line and we sure can't wait to share with all of you. If you are small business owners please contact SD Small Business Forum."

You can reach Edel and Shawna of the San Diego Small Business Forum at







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