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Press Release: Imperial Beach and LAFCO Sued by Coronado Over Navy Special Warfare Campus

Jan 11, 2016 05:11PM ● By Paul Spear
Press Release: Imperial Beach and LAFCO Sued by Coronado Over Navy Special Warfare Campus

Imperial Beach, California-The City of Coronado has sued Imperial Beach and the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) after Coronado was unable to convince LAFCO to take action to stop Imperial Beach from providing sewer service to the United States Navy for its Special Warfare Campus. In December 2015, LAFCO confirmed an earlier determination by their Executive Director that the existing agreement between Imperial Beach and the Navy for the provision of sewer service was exempt from LAFCO jurisdiction.

Since incorporation in 1956, the City of Imperial Beach has had an agreement to provide sewer service for the Navy at its installation in the southern portion of Coronado adjacent to Imperial Beach. The Navy has secured funding and obtained environmental clearance to construct a new facility, the Naval Coastal Campus, for special warfare training including that of Navy SEALs.

Legal action by Coronado could result in termination of the very important Special Warfare Campus that is vital for U.S. national security. That is because environmental studies to analyze the new sewer alignment will take many months, significantly increase the cost of the facility, and jeopardize the funding for a project deemed critical in the War on Terror.


Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina explained, “Imperial Beach provides sewer service to benefit the Navy and is our contribution to support our military’s defense of our national security. We are proud partners with the Navy and surprised at the action taken by our neighbors in Coronado.”


Imperial Beach does not benefit financially from providing the service according to Andy Hall, the Imperial Beach City Manager. “The sewer departments in both cities are enterprise funds and all revenues must remain in those funds and cannot be used in the General Fund for general government activities.”


Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach



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