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Tornado warnings hit SD. Flood Warnings in IB as Storm Causes Havoc all over Imperial Beach

Jan 06, 2016 05:59PM ● By Paul Spear

Tornado warnings hit San Diego as Flash Flood Warnings out for Imperial Beach! 


Tornado warnings went out for the San Diego Coastline from Oceanside down to Coronado. Flash Flood Warnings are out in Imperial Beach and every time news 

 gets released things are getting worse instead of better. Imperial Beach streets and low levels are flooding. Home at the beach have sandbags put in place in many areas, the beach is getting hit with erosion and wind is causing havoc with street signs, buildings and simple put it’s a big mess outside. Storms are on the way and supposed to be stronger. IB streets flooding, homes at beach in danger, Tijuana Sloughs are flooding. High winds bringing things down. It's a mess!

On top of all this after this storm blows out the next one due in around Thursday is supposed to be a lot worse and with extreme high tides being on hand and big waves expected it could be a really big problem for a lot of people. People who have to commute are going to be looking at much longer drive times than normal and for people like the elderly and handicapped it could become a big problem getting out to the store or just taking care of normal business. So if you have an older neighbor or a disable neighbor, please look in on them. It will be greatly appreciated.


Photo Credit: DigIB Photographer, Jeanette Shambaugh, IB Photo Happy


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