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The Community of Imperial Beach is this year’s final “Dig IB's Rising Stars” Winners!

Dec 30, 2015 11:22PM ● By Paul Spear
We started the year with Tim O'Neil and Cathy Unger as Dig Imperial Beach's Rising Stars and we Close the year with the Community of Imperial Beach as IB's Rising Stars!

Dig Imperial Beach likes to focus o all the great things going on in Imperial Beach. So when we came out with the idea of doing "IB's Rising Stars" it was easy to choose Tim O'Neil & Candy Unger our first recipients of the award. It's hard to imagine anyone doing more for Imperial beach than these two. At any community function you can always find them involved in the middle of it. The reason we have had Fireworks in Imperial Beach the last two years is through the hard efforts of Tim O'Neil and Candy Unger. When the fireworks show got passed over in 2013, Tim and Candy were determined not to let in happen again.

You've seen Tim and Candy as Mr and Mrs Santa Claus at various IB Events.Tim O’Neil is the chairman for Parks and Recreation Committee.  They also Started "I Heart IB. I Heart IB was first envisioned in 2009.The idea was to form a group (driven by their love of Imperial Beach) that would promote Imperial Beach and support local issues, causes, and events, whether in a lead or supporting role.  
Since then, the vision for I HEART IB has provided support to IB 4 A Skatepark, IB Yappy (Off-Leash Dog Park Advocates), the Imperial Beach Little League, and the Boys & Girls Club of South County in their respective causes/events and of course, got the IB Fourth of July Fireworks going again. They embody the Spirit of IB's Rising Stars.

Now with the end of the year here, it's only appropriate that this months IB Rising Stars is the whole Community of Imperial Beach. The Community of Imperial is rich with people doing things to help others so it's a no brainier that the Community of Imperial Beach is Dig Imperial Beach's" Rising Stars" for year end.

Imperial Beach
has to have to have more non-profit organizations and organizations helping out in the community per capita than any other community around. Besides the non-profit organizations and other organizations whos purpose is to help out. The people of Imperial Beach are the most giving people I have ever met. It's the individuals that come forward in the time of need that make our community so special. I cut my leg open down to the bone earlier in the year and was in danger of bleeding out. Three complete teenage boys saw me bleeding and literally took their shirts off there backs to help stop my bleeding until the paramedics came. These are not just events out of the blue. The people of Imperial Beach are performing miracles like these every day. Between them and all the organization providing help in Imperial Beach and that is why the Community of Imperial Beach is the final "IB's Rising Star(s)" this year.

Here are some of the great organizations in our community who deserve to be recognized: 
Note: Some of these are non-profit organizations while others are groups that donate their time and efforts helping out the community!

The Imperial Beach Women's Club (founded 1933)  Winners 2015
The Boys and Girls Club of South County         Winners 2015
The Imperial Beach South Bay Kiwanis         Winners 2015
The Key Club (MVHS)
The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts
The Girl Scouts and Brownies
The South Bay Unifies School District Educational Foundation          Winners 2015
The Optimists Club
The Fleet Reserve Association #289
The imperial Beach Little League
The Imperial Beach Girls Softball        Winner 2015
IB Relay for Life                        Winner 2015
The Junior Lifeguards
The Imperial Beach Fire Department and        Winners 2015
the Sheriffs do a lot of extra work in the community.       Winners 2015
The Imperial Beach Library - has free programs for both the young and old
The Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce
The Seniors
The 200 Society - Feeding the Hungry of Imperial Beach         Winners 2015
The Tijuana Estuary
The Hunger Collaborative        Winners 2015
 IB United Methodist Church Community Hunger, Garden & many other programs  Winners 2015
The IB Posse         Winners 2015
I Heart IB         Winners 2015
Open Arms Rescue
Boca Rio Ink

A huge apology goes out if we missed listing your organization.
If we missed your organization, please email us and we will get your organization added ASAP to out list. Also, any organization listed above is a winner!

Thanks to the community of Imperial Beach for all you do to make the life of others better. You are truly "Rising Stars" and what you do is greatly appreciated by all!

Paul Spear, Editor, Dig Imperial Beach


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