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Hide Tide Danger for Beaches is over until Next Month

Dec 27, 2015 10:12PM ● By Paul Spear
The Hide Tides and Surf that endangered homes along the Coast is over until Next Month when residents again will have to worry about high tides and surf eroding beach and putting their homes in danger of flooding.

Earlier, High Tide, Surf and Storm lead to flooding on Lower Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach
 on Christmas Eve Day. The shoreline was also disappearing as well with the Hide tides and high surfs and rain storms.

Earlier this month Many IB Residents got Prepared for High Tides & High Surf that were Predicted by Filling up Free Sandbags from the IB Fire Department and Placing in front of Homes.

 David Smith who lives by the beach had to go to IB Fire Department with a neighbor, Alex. There they filled 10 sand bags each. David said he put them at our front doors, then moved all the important things up on dressers and cabinets. 

This is as close as the waves got to his home and now all is calm until next month when the extreme high tides are due again.


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