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Update on LCAP Meetings & discussions from SBUSD Superintendent Dr. Katie McNamara

Dec 11, 2015 02:52PM ● By Paul Spear

South Bay Union School District Superintendent Dr. Katie McNamara gives Update on LCAP Meetings and Discussions to date.

Dear Community Members,


Recently the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Advisory Committee met to discuss the LCAP (the District’s strategic plan), the associated budget, and the implementation of the plan. The LCAP Advisory Committee is comprised of community members, parents, administrators, teachers, and other certificated and classified employees. The LCAP is the plan that guides the work of the District and specifically sets goals and priorities for the work of all teams. In addition, the LCAP articulates goals and priorities for the District budget as there is complete transparency in how all funds are allocated and planned to be spent. At the most recent meeting, a summary of progress for all four District goals was shared. This article focuses on Goals 1 and 2. There is so much to celebrate! In future articles, we will highlight accomplishments for Goal 3 - Parent and Community Engagement to Support Student Achievement and Goal 4 - Basic Services to Support Student Achievement.


Goal 1 – Learning and Achievement for All

Implement and assess a rigorous, standards-aligned, 21st Century educational program that promotes the development of the whole child.


Action:  Promote 21st Century Skills

This year, we provided Chromebooks to all 3rd grade students for the first time, which completes our goal to provide 1:1 mobile devices to all 3rd-8th grade students. We are proud of this accomplishment and know that it will be important to continue to support technology replacement and infrastructure, and to consider the technology needs of Kindergarten through second grade students.


Action:  Provide Grade Level Collaboration

In 2014-2015, site budgets, in particular “one-time” use or carryover funds, provided teachers with weekly collaborative planning time to plan great lessons for students.  It became clear that more than half of our school sites would lose planning time completely as carryover funds became depleted. 


In addition to the site carryover accounts becoming depleted, the District carry-over account became depleted at the same time. $2.1 million supplemented the District budget annually and last year that fund was exhausted. We had a need to allocate $900,000 of District-level funding to maintain weekly collaborative planning time as it was identified as one of the most important priorities by teachers. Thankfully, the State economy had improved and we were able to make that allocation without cutting District programs or services to students.


Action: Provide Instructional Materials

You may already be noticing there are more books in the hands of students! As children are learning to read they need lots of books at their fingertips. We have made a strong commitment to adding high quality books to every classroom library for independent reading. In addition, schools are adding leveled book sets to their shared bookrooms to support small group instruction in all classrooms.


Action:  Provide professional development

This year, the Educational Services team provided professional development opportunities for English Language Arts, English Language Development, Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, Technology Integration and Digital Literacy, Instructional Practices and Pedagogy, and Combination Class Management and Planning.


Goal 2 – Positive School Culture for All

Provide safe, nurturing and purposeful environments which support the social, emotional and physical well-being of all individuals in order for them to thrive.


Action:  Overall School Culture

In order to support school culture, we hosted Dr. Anthony Muhammad at our District Kick-off Event in July. He inspired all staff about positive school culture and organizational climate. We were fortunate to have him remain after the event to work with a smaller group of school leadership teams. Dr. Muhammad will be returning to the District for follow-up professional development. In addition, school culture has been an area of focus for all schools and the leadership team. Dr. Muhammad has written outstanding books about this topic if you are interested in learning more about what we are learning together.


Action:  Positive Behavior Supports

We have made a commitment to students receiving small group and 1:1 counseling support by adding three fulltime highly qualified psychologists. Additionally, a Student Services Coordinator is working directly with site teams to create and implement positive behavior support for students. We have created a Behavior Intervention Team, including a social worker and behavior intervention specialists to assist with this work.  Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) training has also been conducted across the District. 


Action:  Nutrition and Wellness

We have established a District Wellness Committee to promote fitness, health, and wellness.  The Child Nutrition team continues to analyze and refine meal choices. New menus have just come out!


Action:  Welcoming Environments

All sites have established goals to focus on improving school environments to make them more welcoming and attractive for students, families, and the community. Our Facilities team is continuing the installation of electronic marquees at all sites, and several of our schools are in the process of improving playground areas with new equipment, shade structures, and benches. The drought in California has caused us to have to reconsider approaches to landscaping. We appreciate your patience as we make the transition to landscaping that requires less water.


Happy Holidays!


Katie McNamara, Ed.D.

District Superintendent

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