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Dig IB Reporter, David Smith, noted that Big Waves were Moving in with Swell and Expected through Friday & Historical Tree Update!

Dec 08, 2015 02:22PM ● By Paul Spear

Long time Resident of IB and Surfer, David Smith, Reporter 

 that the Big Waves were Increasing in size as a Swell moved in! and expected even larger Surf into Friday. He was able to share a few photos with us!

David said that as the swell grew he would get us more photos of the surf!

Historical Tree Update:
 Also, update on historical tree as we got verbal confirmation from. a couple of citizens that have said they remember the tree and ceremony taking place around it in 1956. One person also remembered that the tree was planted in 1950 by the Girl Scouts. 

Councilwoman Lorie Bragg is looking into city records to 
 seeA what she can find. Many remember this tree having a big Christmas Lighting Ceremony as it was out in front of the old Credit Union at 7th and Palm. If you have any memories or records regarding that historical day in 1856, we wold love to hear from you!

 This  tree is located at 7th & Palm Avenue's South East corner at the far West end of the Breakwater Development near the medical offices.If you have any information please contact Dig Imperial Beach reporter David Smith at


Apparently, Ann Price , a longtime resident of Imperial Beach  remembers the ceremony in 1956. She also remembers the old Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony that used to take place in front of the old Credit Union Office in that that used to be located there. The tree was the central part of those Christmas Lighting Ceremonies, She has apparently started a petition drive on Facebook there to save the tree and resume the Christmas Lighting Ceremony again.

Councilwoman Lorie  Bragg is looking into all of this but there is no truth to the rumors being spread that she wants to turn this into a historical tree or that the developer wants to cut it Bragg is just getting the facts so as to confirm that is indeed the tree the city had the ceremony and the developer has said nothing at all regarding the tree!

We hope anyone with information will contact David Smith at the contact information given earlier or Dig Imperial Beach. As we get more information on this situation we will be sure to keep you updated!


Paul Spear

Editor, Dig Imperial Beacn


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