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Mom pays Tribute to her Freshman Son, Hector Cosio #20, on MVHS Frosh Football Team

Nov 24, 2015 02:10AM ● By Paul Spear

Mom pays Tribute to her Freshman Son, Hector Cosio #20, on Mar Vista High School 

 Frosh Football Team

“Some people wait their whole lives to meet their favorite player I raised mine!”

Since the day he started walking him never let go of his football at times he slept with it, tossing the ball around I knew he couldn’t wait to play football on a team. Playing on Pop Warner teams and not always winning he would keep his team pumped up and never put his head down. That’s when I knew he had heart for the sport! Not always being able to get in the game, 

 but when he did get on that field he made sure to put in 100% and get some hits in. Watching his older cousin play for MVH a few years ago he was always focused on the game and I knew the look in his eyes that he couldn’t wait to put on that MVH jersey! He has made me proud throughout the years and I taught him that no matter what win or lose keep your head held high and always do your best when out on the field. Playing his first year in high 

 school was something he couldn’t wait to do, when on the field he did his best and played whatever position he was asked to play was nick named the 

Hector Cosio #20 Refrigerator ; aka as JJ Watts!!  He made sure to make his teammates proud when he was on the field, I would see him on the sidelines pumping up the team! Thank you to all the coaches for making his first year in football memorable you have taught him so much!   I couldn’t be more proud of my son and can’t wait to see him in the future playing on Friday nights.

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