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Port of San Diego Seeks Proposals for Unique Restaurant Opportunity on Imperial Beach Pier

Nov 16, 2015 10:45PM ● By Paul Spear

Port of San Diego Seeks Proposals for Unique Restaurant Opportunity on Imperial Beach Pier

Contact: Marketing & Communications (619) 686-6388 - Published on November 10 2015.

ib cropAs part of efforts to promote quality development that attracts visitors to the waterfront, the Port of San Diego is seeking proposals for a unique opportunity to lease and operate a restaurant at the end of the southernmost pier in California. A Request for Proposals was issued on November 9, 2015.  

The Port, in partnership with the City of Imperial Beach, is seeking to redevelop a California coastal restaurant at this one-of-a-kind location at 910 Seacoast Drive in Imperial Beach.

This restaurant opportunity is located on the Imperial Beach Pier, a prime beachside landmark that lures fishermen, tourists and residents alike. Built in 1963, the pier features a commanding view of the Los Coronados Islands and beyond and recently was upgraded with new wooden planks. The location boasts a laid-back, beach town vibe.

Location specifics:
• 1,558 square feet of restaurant space available at the end of this iconic California pier
• Close proximity to Marriott’s Pier South Resort, Coronado Brewing Company, Sea 180 Coastal Tavern and Filippi’s Pizza Grotto
• Outdoor seating available
• Attic storage space available

The building is currently operated by one restaurant under an agreement that expires on April 30, 2016. A reconfiguration of the existing building is highly encouraged to best utilize space, attract customers, enhance business operations and increase revenue. The Port may also offer the future restaurant operator a location at the foot of the pier to set up a food cart.

Responses are due by 1 p.m. on December 15, 2015. The Port of San Diego currently anticipates that a tenant will be selected in January 2016. Respondents must demonstrate experience in the implementation or oversight of at least one food services improvement project as well as provide a public outreach strategy to keep the public and stakeholders involved and informed about the project.

Parties interested in viewing or responding to the RFP can do so through the Port of San Diego’s PlanetBids portal.

About the Port of San Diego:
The Port of San Diego is a unified district encompassing five member cities surrounding San Diego Bay. A public agency, the Port is charged by the State of California with developing the tidelands and commercial business as steward of the public-trust tidelands along 34 miles of San Diego Bay. We share the waterfront with the Navy, which oversees 17 miles of San Diego Bay.

We operate under the Public Trust Doctrine, which specifies that these waterways and waterfronts are primarily reserved for water-dependent uses such as fishing, cargo activity, bay tours and recreational access such as hotels and restaurants; as well as environmental and natural-habitat preservation.

We have guided the development of this prime waterfront property with a carefully selected portfolio of world-class commercial real estate, maritime and public uses. Our 16 hotels, 25 marinas, numerous restaurants, tours and museum attractions operate side-by-side with a working waterfront of boatyards, sportfishing landings and marine cargo terminals. We also operate 22 public parks as amenities that attract visitors and enhance the value of our waterfront.



Thank you Alex Amador for sending in he information!

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