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Lifelong IB Resident David Smith, Shares his Experience at Dempsey Holder Surf Contest

Nov 07, 2015 08:40PM ● By Paul Spear
Lifelong Imperial Beach Resident David Smith, Shares his Experience at the 12th Annual Dempsey Holder Surf Contest from a Lifetime Surfer's Perspective.

David and his wife Juanita both lifelong surfers will be sharing their experiences as Dig Imperial Beach's Surf and History Reporters from time to time! We are very excited to have David and Juanita in our family!

12th Dempsey Holder Surf Contest, November 7, 2015

     I attended the 12th Dempsey Holder Surf Contest today, which ran from 7 AM to 4 PM. A crowd of several hundred contestants, judges and observers were present. I talked with many people there. The vibe was relaxed, and all who attended seemed happy to experience the joy of the ocean together. The old surfing spirit of brotherhood was on display. Competitive contestants drove hard to make their waves, yet avoided incidents with others. 

     Meanwhile, for November, the ocean temperature was a warm 65F. The swell came mainly from the southwest, with an offshore breeze blowing for the first few hours. The surfers in every heat were very enjoyable to watch, especially the littlest ones as they performed all sorts of trick manoeuvres on the fast waves. 

     But the event wasn't just about the waves, it was about the people who were there. I saw people of all ages, completely immersed in the surfing life. Some had come to watch, others to compete, all to revel in the surf and sun. Older surfers were helping younger ones. The younger surfers delivered with great rides. Others rode skim boards, while intense  photographers snapped countless pictures. And parents and friends watched, as did I with admiration as the riders rode the hard-breaking surf of Imperial Beach. It was an incredible celebration of surfin' joy, a great success!

David Allen Smith


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