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WILDCOAST/COSTASALVAJE October Newsletter Offers Great Insight into Nature

Oct 17, 2015 03:24AM ● By Paul Spear

WILDCOAST/COSTASALVAJE October Newsletter Offers Great Insight into Nature for Imperial Beach Readers. Catch their newsletter with Links to the Articles on DigImperialBeach,com


Conserving Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches in Mexico

An “arribada”, when hundreds of sea turtles come out from the ocean at the same time to lay their eggs on the beach during three or four days, is an amazing natural phenomenon. This marvelous occurrence only happens on in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, India and México.


The stunning beach of Morro Ayuta in Oaxaca, near the indigenous Chontal communities of Río Seco and Paja Blanca, hosts about 400,000 nesting sea turtles a year. Together they lay about 40 million eggs. From these eggs only about 30% produce live turtles. That results in 12 million baby sea turtles that try to reach the ocean and survive. When they are adults they return to the same beach to nest. Scientists estimate that only one in a thousand make it back to reproduce. However, if conditions on the beach change as a result of development, pollution, or artificial lighting and ocean pollution, sea turtles will not return to nest there.

That is why WILDCOAST is working to conserve Morro Ayuta. In September our staff spent time with side by side with National Protected Area Commission (CONANP) personnel, volunteers, and a film crew from National Geographic observing a total of 50,000 nesting sea turtles! To protect this globally important beach and its wildlife, WILDCOAST is working closely with CONANP to facilitate the monitoring and counting of sea turtles.

Read more about our work in Oaxaca by clicking here.

WILDCOAST Protects 354 Acres of Wild Baja Coastline

In September, WILDCOAST protected 354 acres and over half a mile of coastline on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast. This area includes undisturbed dune shoreline that is home to a variety of endemic plant and animal species.

This remarkable area is part of a larger five million acre federal protected area and is one of the most undisturbed and ecologically significant desert coastline in the world. Mountain lions, white-tailed deer and coyotes roam the coastline. Offshore gray whales can be found along with blue whales, white sharks and sea turtles migrating further south. 

Since 2008, WILDCOAST has been carrying out direct land purchases and conservation easements on the Valle de los Cirios Pacific Coast to protect the region's globally unique ecology and to maintain open public access to the coastline. To date, WILDCOAST has protected a total of 40,802 acres and 34.7 miles of shoreline in the region. It is a stunning area and we are pleased to have played such a major role in its long-term conservation.

To read morea about our work in Baja California please visit our website by clicking here. 

WILDCOAST Travel Adventure to CABO PULMO

Trip April 21st – April 25th , 2016. 

Join us and become part of a great WILCOAST conservation story. Snorkel or dive a coral reef that is so full of live that it has been rated by National Geographic as an ocean miracle, and one of the top success stories of Marine Protected Areas on the globe.

For more information on joining us on this breathtaking trip please click here. 

Tijuana River Action Month

Join WILDCOAST for this event this Saturday October 10th, from 9am - 12 noon.  We will be cleaning up east of Dairy Mart Rd. Bridge in the Tijuana River Valley.  

Please wear close toed shoes and be sure to sign up at the event page!
12th Annual Dempsey Holder Ocean Festival and Surf Contest isNOVEMBER 7. 

The Dempsey Holder Surf Contest and Ocean Festival has a new date and it's going to be EPIC!  Don't miss out on this great event as we celebrate our coast and honor the memory of legendary waterman, big-wave surfing pioneer, and lifeguard Allan “Dempsey” Holder! Proceeds from the event support WILDCOAST’s efforts to protect our coast and ocean. 

For more information on the event or to register please click here. 

Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Expo 

Join WILDCOAST at the Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Expo on Saturday, October 10  and Sunday, October 11! This awesome event will feature a surf competition in the Swami's State Marine Conservation Area at the iconic Cardiff Reef and a green expo featuring some amazing organizations and companies promoting environmental awareness and sustainability.  

Be sure to stop by the WILDCOAST tent and help us out at a beach cleanup with the kids on Sunday!

WILDCOAST conserves coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife. 
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