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Cozette Morstein's "Little Free Library", Spooky things are Happening there on Connecticut Avenue

Oct 11, 2015 10:49PM ● By Paul Spear

 Cozette Morstein's "Little Free Library", Spooky things are Happening there in the 1300 block of Connecticut Avenue in Imperial Beach. Watch for books about Ghost and Goblins and "Things go bump in the night". 

Cozette Morstein opened one of the first, if not the first, "Free Little Library" in Imperial Beach back in early June of this year! Take a book, Leave a book is the Motto of the Little Free Library.

Cozette who has lived in Imperial Beach about 40 years saw this idea and with the help of her neighbors who installed it or her, got involved in the Little Free Library program!

 The color was discussed between Colleen, Des and I. We decided the red, white and blue would look good in my yard and fits into all out personality. We wanted the height to be high enough for adults but not so high as to discourage kids. In speaking with Cozette I found out it was a community effort to get the library ready and up and 

 running. Per Cozette, "The man who made the library is Des Dessert. His wife Colleen saw my Facebook post about wanting a free little library and he just built it. It took him about three months. He would show me steps and got my input at different times."

Cozette went on to say, "When trying to decide what to use on the roof, we talked about shingles. I ask for and received free shingles from the good people on Coronado Ca Online Yard Sale Facebook page. Des cut one down and made the roof shingles

We discussed several times where to put the Free Little Library and how it was going to be 

 installed. I was concerned about putting it in the ground because of my sprinkler system. A flower box with the post set in cement was discussed. Des came up with and made the concrete flower box in which it sets."

Cozette's “Little Free Library” can be found in the 1300 block of Connecticut in Imperial Beach. Cozette stocked her library or all the age groups she could thing of and various topics. 

 Feel free to stop by and check it out and while there, feel free to take a book or leave a book or just enjoy a beautiful sight in the IB neighborhood. Cozette is always happy to say "Hello" as is her precious little dog Sterling! Feel free to bring him a treat and you'll have another friend as well!

Thank you Cozette and all the people in the community who helped her get her project completed!


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