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With the IB Library Celebrating it 100 year Anniversary, Let’s take a Look at some OLD IB Photographs through the years

Sep 23, 2015 11:48PM ● By Paul Spear
 With the Imperial Beach Library Celebrating it 100 year Anniversary, Let’s take a Look at some OLD IB Photographs through the years. SEE HOW MANY YOU CAN NAME!

In honor of the IB Library's 100 year Anniversery and Celebration we are going to publish as many photos of OLD IB that people will send us!!!!

These photographs have come from a couple of different sources although in all cases, they did not take the photographs. Thank you to Gary Evans and Gary Story for some of them. Mostly 1950/60's. The other sources preferred it to be a gift to our community and remain unnamed.

The Library was located at the back of the Post Office when it first opened 100 years ago!

 Sadly the old Palm Theatre is gone but not the memories. PLEASE FEEL FREE to submit your OLD IB Photographs and if you have a story to go with it, please include your story. If we use it we will give you credit for doing so.

George's Drive-In was a popular stop at the same time. Between these two photographs we have lots of stories to tell.

 Here are some others from Imperial Beaches past. See what you can name

and how many. I love history and doing this!!!

 If I remember from one one the history books I read, the riverboat on the lower right would transport people between Coronado and Imperial Beach were it then met up with the street car. If anyone has the complete details, please let us know! 


Remember "The Barrel. It started off as an A&W Root Beer Diner in IB in the late 1920'S and eventually sold,

 And then relocated to 15th & Palm Avenue. Steve Berry is currently

operating the business as IB Print.

If anyone can fill in the history of this.

I think I could try to get a contest going

to reward the person with the most history about the Barrel from its inception to present day. And where was it before it got relocated to 15th and Palm when it was an A&W?

Please email everything you would like to submit to and

Attention Old IB

Thanks, Paul Spear, Editor                          Don't forget the Photo Gallery for more Photos!!!


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