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Another Postcard Day in Imperial Beach! Adventures with a New Camera!

Aug 11, 2015 07:39PM ● By Paul Spear
                           Another Postcard Day in Imperial Beach!
These views are available to us lucky ones who live here over 365 days a year.
     A Great Day for a Novice Photographer to Practice on getting Better!

As a novice photographer at best but a tech geek in my spare time I bought a new digital camera awhile back to take photographs for DigImperialBeach. I had some experience developing film 40 years ago so I got to learn a few basic concepts that haven't changed but you lose a bit of knowledge after that time..

Being your typical male, I went out into the world without reading any manuals or instruction books, taking some okay photographs and an occasional good one.We'll one thing that has happened now that I am a bit older is to admit when I am wrong and able to go and get or take advice and read up on how to do things better!

So today, another picture perfect postcard day in Imperial Beach I went out and took some photographs that are actually good enough to share. The were two tips that I was practicing today. One is to play with your settings to see which ones take the better pictures. With my digital camera, an Olympus SX-14 I have an "Auto Everything" and another automatic setting that can be set for specific situations as Landscapes, Beach & Mountains, Portrait, Sports, Fireworks, and some different indoor settings.

Today I was at the beach so it was time to compare the "iAuto" vs "Beach/Snowy Mountains" Features. What did I learn, with my camera I couldn't tell a difference.

The second tip was to divide my screen into thirds both up and down & across and to line up the photographs. The imaginary lines drawn on the screen look almost like a # sign.
You can be the judge of that yourself when you look at my or any photographs.

So while I am learning, I hope you enjoy a few photos of a typical Postcard Day in Imperial Beach! I welcome critique. Notice the picture of the bridge with the umbrella in the middle. It's still a nice pick but compare it with the one were the umbrella is more to the right side, on one of those lines the tip spoke about. Clearly the later is better as the umbrella in the middle of the picture proves to be a destraction. Also notice when the lifeguard towers are moves to the right, it makes the picture more interesting. I had one with the tower closer to the middle that I left out and it didn't look nearly as good. See what other mistakes you can find!

For those of you who are already great photographers, we invite you to share your photographs and any tips you want to share with our readers!

Thank you,

Paul Spear

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