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IB SB Kiwanis attend Open House for Camp Beyond the Scars on Tuesday

Aug 05, 2015 04:32PM ● By Paul Spear

 A Few of the Imperial Beach South Bay Kiwanis attended the Open House for Camp Beyond the Scars which is put on by the Burn Institute in San Diego! Earlier in the month of July, the Imperial Beach South Bay Kiwanis raised the supplies for the Campers at "Camp Beyond the Scars" which is for children under 17 who have suffered disfiguring burns and put together 80 bags of various items like toiletries including things like tooth paste, soap, tooth brushes, Sunscreen, chopstick and other essentials for camper.

It's very rewarding when you can get out and see the people you've helped. Unfortunately, because the Kiwanis meeting was scheduled the same day, only a few attended so they could report back to the rest of the club. Earlier in the year, the Kiwanis had a fundraiser for the SD Burn Institute. Other local charities have supported the SD Burn Institute as well, the IB Woman's Club helped The Kiwanis bag the items, and Pier South donated some items for the campers and gave them to the Kiwanis to put in the 80 bags they made up.

The Imperial Beach Lifeguards and Imperial Beach Fire Department participated in the Demolition Derby at the Del Mar Fair which was held to raise money for the SD Burn Institute. And of course, the Imperial Beach Fire Department is very active in helping the Burn Institute in various ways.

Photo and Contributing Credit: Matt Pohl

So what is "Camp Beyond the Scars"?

Since its inception in 1987, Camp Beyond the Scars has made a difference in the lives of hundreds of burned injured children.

Burn injury, whether accidental or inflicted remains one of the leading causes of childhood death and disfigurement in the United States. For those children who survive a serious burn injury, permanent scarring, physical deformity, social isolation and emotional trauma linger well beyond the initial tragedy.

Burn survivor support programs are a vital component of the Burn Institute’s program activities and Camp Beyond the Scars represents one of the Institute’s most successful on-going efforts. Camp Beyond the Scars is available for burn-injured children between the ages of 5 and 17.

This special camp for children was established in 1987 and San Diego’s local Camp Beyond the Scars was established in 1994. Today, Camp Beyond the Scars serves as the Burn Institute’s hallmark program. Each year, approximately 50 children, ages 5-17, attend a weeklong summer camp held in the foothills of San Diego County.

Both camps provide a relaxed social setting, which offers burn-injured children the support and counseling needed to establish and enhance their self-esteem. Campers learn that there are other children who have had the same unfortunate experience. Camp has proved to be a positive, special experience for young burn survivors. Campers also get to do what kids do best – have fun! Camp activities include swimming, basketball, volleyball, archery, overnight camping, golf, arts and crafts and more. For many children, this special camp is the first time they have seen another child with burn injuries. Campers learn to feel better about themselves and are better able to face their injuries with new coping skills and a renewed sense of self-esteem. Camp is a remarkable healing experience, which helps transform burn victims into burn survivors. Many of the camp volunteers are off-duty firefighters and adult burn survivors, who are uniquely familiar with the challenges these children face.

2015 Camp Dates: August 2-6

For more information:
Dana Kuhn, Director of Programs

For media information:
Brittany Bachmann, Director of Marketing


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