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For Local Resident, Kay Rush and Stanley Nelson, They enjoy seeing Dolphins almost Daily on Their Walks along Imperial Beach.

Aug 01, 2015 07:07AM ● By Paul Spear

Seeing Dolphins almost Daily during Their Walks along Imperial Beach is becoming a Common Occurrence but for Local Resident, Kay Rush and Stanley Nelson the Excitement is still there. 

Kay Rush shares her Experience with Dig Imperial Beach and the IB Community:

My walk in Imperial Beach

We love to walk and this time of year we see dolphins 4 out of 6 walks. We walk mostly to try and keep our health. We walk like most people as close to low tide as possible during sunny days. Our favorite walk is from IB to the Silver Strand and back, this takes around 2 to 2 1/2 hours, because of my constant stopping to catch a picture here and there. We have no problem seeing dolphins, having a camera I stay alert for something to shoot. I will admit you must look up over and between the waves to see them. And your first time is often held to just a glance, sometimes leaving you thinking "What, did I just see something".                                                                    

I'm not sure what type dolphins they are. We have seen them from the Silver Strand down pass the The River Mouth. The photo that won the Wild Coast Contest was capture between the IB Pier and the River Mouth.  Mostly they look for food so one minute here and then they're gone. Some days they seem to be playing and give a few jumps. Like with most water animals to land dwellers, they must break the surface of the water. I've been honored not only to see these wonderful dolphins surfing the waves and jumping but I've been able capture them doing so to share with others.

Article and photos contributed by Kay Rush

Photo Credit: Stanley Nelson

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