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The IB Bike Parade & Breakfast is Quickly becoming One of IB's most Popular Events!

Jul 06, 2015 02:32PM ● By Paul Spear
The IB Bike Parade and Breakfast, held to Celebrate the 4th of July, is quickly becoming one of Imperial Beach's most popular events!  

At Saturday's parade, it appear that there were over 1,000 people riding all types of bikes, most decorated in Red, White and Blue with many flying the US Flag.  The event covered all age groups and was open to all in the community. I got to Greg's house early so I could get pictures of the event and he and his wife Shannon and parents Bonnie and Wayne and the rest of the family and group welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like I was part of their family. They quickly set me up with a Patriotic Hat and US Flag to fly on my wheelchair.

In speaking with Greg Hughes he shared the following information with me how this great event came about: "The pancake breakfast started in 2011. It was our answer to the Sandcastle Parade and Breakfast not being continued.  I would like to thank my mom and dad and my wife's buncombe group for being the backbone of the whole thing. They are a tight group and they are a serious force of support for us, each other, and the community".

The parade starts at Mar Vista High School  Works its way through the community down to the beach and then travels down Seacoast Drive before working its way back through the community and ending up at Greg's house.

Once there a wonderful pancake breakfast is served with bacon and sausage and much more. The children get to be first in line to eat and grownups aren't served until the children have been served first.

Most of the neighbors have become involved with the padade helping in all sorts of way with many of them having multiple picnic tables out for everyone to eat at and some even allow people to put their bikes in their backyard to help keep the bikes safe but also to provide the children the ability to move around without being run over by bike and thus allowing parents to relax a bit.

I was a bit hesitant to attend the event at first even though Greg went out of his way to make me feel welcome. But being in a wheelchair I was worried about getting in peoples way and being more of a nuisance. Then I received a call from one of his neighbors, Janet and Mark Wraight, who knew me from Kiwanis and offered me a safe place across the street from Greg's at their house. Janet and Mark ride in the parade also and are one of Greg's great neighbors who open up their yard and put picnic tables out to make sure there is enough space for everyone to eat and more.

After the parade, the majority of action was at Greg's house and the neighbors who have become involved. Many people stayed after the food talking with friends and making new ones. It was cool as everyone stayed in their patriotic dress and were have a great time chatting with friends and making new ones.

Another great thing to me is that this event was put together by the Imperial Beach Community and demonstrates what remarkable people we have here in Imperial Beach. They saw something they wanted and felt the needed and deserved and rather than go to the city for help or complain, they got together themselves and put together one of the Most Popular Events in the city all by themselves. And it just keeps growing bigger and better every year. 

It's a real tribute to 
Greg Hughes, his family, his wife's buncombe group and their neighbors and the the Community of Imperial Beach that they can put suck a successful event all by themselves!

IB Bike Parade Route
Trey Dedricks photo

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