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Learn the Top Five ways to become a Successful Buyer or Seller in today’s San Diego Real Estate Market

May 29, 2015 02:51PM ● By Paul Spear

               Learn the top five ways to become a successful buyer or seller in 

                                    today’s San Diego real estate market

By Dante Pamintuan


Ninety-two percent of real estate shoppers use the Internet as a source of information during the home buying and selling process. Sixty-two percent of them Google information about a real estate professional before calling them.  Even with these high numbers favoring technology, the one common denominator for the majority of successful real estate transactions occurs between the client and a licensed real estate professional.  As a professional Realtor, it is my fiduciary duty to my client principals to act solely in their interests.  Here are the top five ways to successfully buy or sell property in San Diego:


1.      Choose your Realtor wisely.  A professional Realtor will have passed a rigorous training and testing process that results in being assigned a California Bureau of Real Estate license number.  This state certified license was created to help protect consumers from shady and fraudulent practices of the past.  If you see the Realtor logo below with a certified CBRE license number on a business card, be confident that the name of that Realtor has taken an oath of honorable and ethical service to their clients.  In addition, Realtors are part of an Association of Realtors that are required to complete ongoing training to keep their license in good standing.




2.     Be coachable.  When I first learned to run the high hurdles as a sophomore at Hoover High School, I lacked proper coaching.  My track coach was busy with the distant runners and sprinters.  I tried to learn by watching the senior hurdlers with more experience but this only frustrated me more since they were not willing to help or coach me individually.  To my surprise, our track coach Ed Deegan actually competed as a college hurdler and quickly realized that I wanted and needed a personal coach.  He saw something in me that made him want to invest his time, effort and patience.  He knew I wanted to successfully win races and cross the finish line first.  He quickly understood that I was coachable.  I listened to his experience, practiced his techniques and trained hard.  By the next year, I earned most improved athlete on the Track team and became a league champion in my senior year.  As in sports and any competitive venture, successful real estate transactions require determination, desire, consistency and the willingness to be coached.  Real estate is a very competitive and demanding undertaking which requires the knowledge, expertise and negotiation skills of a professional realtor.


3.     Use friends or family as a last resort.  In his article; “The Friends and Family Conundrum”; Graham Wood emphasizes that the business relationship is the top priority.  If you hire a close family member as your Realtor, many times the personal family relationship suffers as a result.  There are way too many expectations and assumptions that go along with such an arrangement.  It is usually wise to distance yourself from family members who are Realtors in what may be the biggest financial transaction of your life!  Wouldn’t it be better to successfully conduct an agreeable business transaction between professional realtors AND maintain a healthy happy family relationship?  Barbeques and birthday parties are much more enjoyable between family members when business is NOT part of the equation.


4.     Communication is a two way street.  On the road to success, honest communication between the driver (realtor) and passenger (client) is essential.  On a long road trip, the driver prepares the route, plans the rest stops, inspects the vehicle for safety, gets enough rest, stays alert and maintains current accurate information.  The passenger sitting shotgun usually is assigned the navigation, management of other passengers, where to eat, keeping the driver entertained, staying on track, etc.  When everything is communicated between the driver and passenger, it usually ends up being a very pleasant travel experience.  Both driver and passenger are looking forward to another pleasant trip because everyone did their part in communicating and following through on their assigned responsibilities.  In real estate transactions, the goal of the realtor and client is to have a positive customer experience.  With good communication skills and consistent follow up, the win-win experience is an outcome that encourages future referrals.  Great communication develops amazing trust.


5.     Never give up.  “You have to be able to recognize when a working relationship isn’t good-regardless of your connection-and act accordingly, says Henri Ellis, a sales associate with William E. Wood & Associates.  Sometimes, when a no-fit exists, it probably wasn’t meant to be in the first place.  It is okay to cut the ties with a realtor you do not feel comfortable with.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you are upfront and honest about terminating the agreement.  It has to be a mutual understanding between your realtor and you as the client so that the legalities are covered.  Your goal is to successfully sell or buy a property in San Diego.  With the unique 2015 market place that is San Diego County; there will always be challenges in your real estate transactions, negotiations, pricing, inventory, approvals, loans, etc.  However, do not despair.  Stay the course with your selected realtor.  Never give up your dream of owning your first California property.  Do not let the pitfalls and obstacles of selling your property dissuade you from achieving your goal.  Be confident with your professional realtor.  It is my hope that you are building up a very special relationship with your realtor that will last a lifetime.  The honor of serving, helping and encouraging clients with their real estate needs are the main reasons why I became a licensed professional realtor.  It is a unique privilege that I am able to “Bring Happiness…Home!”


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Dante Pamintuan

Licensed Realtor

CBRE # 01967284

(619) 459-6406 Cell/Text

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Dante Pamintuan is a Marine Corps Veteran with over 25 years of sales and marketing experience. Dante is a graduate of San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration-Marketing. Dante successfully managed high performing sales teams with Mitchell International, AADCO Advertising, House of Motorcycles and S4 Software Security Solutions in San Diego. In addition to professional positions in transportation and fleet management with the San Diego Unified School District, South Bay Union School District, Perrier Group Of America, Nestle Waters, Arrowhead and Calistoga Mineral Waters, Dante owned his own Promotional Products Company; JetLogos and Unit Coins America and was an Independent Contractor with BANCard Solutions, a credit card processing company.

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