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Letter to the Editor: Naval Activities over IB on Sunday were too Loud

Apr 27, 2015 05:14PM ● By Paul Spear

Dear Editor,

Sundays are generally a day of rest... a day of families getting together and doing things outside with our wonderful weather.

I am really disappointed to see what a NOT good neighbor the NAVY was this past Sunday as three large helicopters did doughnuts over our neighborhood in the early afternoon. We had to go look as it sounded like the soundtrack from a WWII movie... the constant drone of aircraft.

I tried to complain about the noise online but when I went to:

I got this message:
The website is currently experiencing higher than expected user traffic. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please refresh the page.

I refreshed and got the same message so I can only assume the complaint didn't go where it needs to go. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS?

The NAVY needs to be a good neighbor. They should have taken these doughnuts a little to the west, over water, where they would bother no one. Instead, they impact family life, they have a system where a complaint can't be made. While the NAVY wants to ramp up their operations in the South Bay with more construction and more helicopter training, we have almost no information on what the changes will mean to Imperial Beach as their traffic studies aren't based on the new Palm Avenue Master Plan, and none of know enough about what the new helicopters will do to the air we breathe and our air quality in the future.

Residents deserve to know how an increased NAVY presence is going to impact our daily lives... like sleeping in on a weekend, kids doing homework, flight schedules in summer when windows are open and we all hear more noise. Most importantly, we deserve to know what this is going to do with the air we breathe... with more and different helicopter operations but also with more automobiles idling on congested and constrained Palm Avenue.

The deadline for Comments on the Coastal Campus Navy Project Environmental Impact Study can still be submitted until May 5th.

NBC Coastal Campus EIS Project Manager
Attn: Ms. Teresa Bresler
2730 McKean Street, Bldg. 291
San Diego, CA 92136

I am asking Local News and residents of Imperial Beach to tell the NAVY that we expect our health, both for air quality, sleep and family life to be a priority in the new Coastal Campus Project.

Lenora Porcella

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