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Imperial Beach to perform “Road Slurry” March 24 and 25 on certain Streets in IB

Mar 21, 2015 04:04PM ● By Paul Spear

Slurry Seal Overview

Slurry seal is one of the most versatile of pavement surface treatment systems, providing low cost, rapid usability, and aesthetic value, while correcting minor deficiencies in the pavement surface and preventing further deterioration. When used at the right times, slurry seal can help double the life of an asphalt pavement and save money by preventing minor problems from turning into major ones. Slurry seal is also more eco-friendly and less expensive than many other systems.

Road Slurrying

Your mother probably told you not to "slur your words" and it certainly is not advisable if you are pulled over while driving. But we are going to be "slurrying" some of your street, and that's a good thing!


"Slurry Coating" is a process that will better maintain our streets, improve the appearance, and lengthen the life of our street surfaces here in Imperial Beach. Affected streets will be clearly marked, and will result in only partial lane closures during the process. While there is sure to be some inconvenience due to no parking and temporary alternate routes being imposed, the contractors will do all they can to post signs and easy directions. Business access will be maintained, but may be limited. Be sure to watch for signs and alternate access.


Work is scheduled for March 24 and 25, beginning as early as 7 AM in the morning, concluding by 5 PM in the afternoon. In the event your street is to be slurried on a trash pickup day, please have your trash out by 6 AM. Pedestrian access on sidewalks will not be impeded.


If your area is affected, you will have received a "Road Work" notice from the contractor, so this is an additional reminder. Only some streets are affected, and most will not be impacted, except that we ask for caution and courtesy if you travel in these areas. This protects our long term investment in providing safe, pothole-free streets in Imperial Beach. We appreciate your alert caution and courtesy during this brief work period.


 Information provided by City of Imperial Beach and California Pavement Maintenance Company

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