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Feb 26, 2015 04:21PM ● By Paul Spear
It has been reported by two Coronado businesses that someone is paying with counterfeit $50 bills.Please let your staff members know to check all $50's before accepting them as payment,  For more information, you may contact:

Heather Furlong, Assistant Branch Manager at Chase Bank, 1000 Orange Avenue.  
(619) .

courtesy of
Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce/Visitors Bureau, Inc.
Business Improvement District
805 Ocean Lane
Imperial Beach, CA 91932

Last November 1st we also reported the following story:

 I would like to alert you that the NAT received a counterfeit $100 bill earlier this week.  It is possible that if there is one attempt here, then there may be other attempts in the park.

The counterfeit bill was the old version style (example is attached – just an example, it’s not the counterfeit one).

The bill was “washed” using the paper of a one dollar bill – so it passes the counterfeit pen test.  Upon closer inspection, we noticed these imperfections where you could tell it was counterfeit:

Fuzziness in the serial number. There is a ghost shadow of the washed serial number, and the newly printed didn’t perfectly align. So the serial number looks a bit fuzzy.

Very faintly, you can see the shadow of the center part of the one dollar bill peeking out from the top part of the oval in Ben’s portrait

On the back, the microprint of the sky should be in lines. Under a loop, you can see the counterfeit version are dots.

I hope this helps you and your operations staff.


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