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Rules of the Roundabout on 9th Street. Provided by the City of IB

Jan 27, 2015 10:50AM ● By Paul Spear
Rules of the Roundabout

The design of the newly installed roundabout at the intersection of 9th Street and Donax Avenue is intended to help the environment and driver convenience by reducing vehicles idling at street corners with 4-way stops, but do you know the rules of the roundabout?


When approaching the intersection motor vehicle operators are required to slow down and yield the right of way to vehicles already in the roundabout, but not necessarily required to come to a stop unless necessary to continue safety. Once in the roundabout, drivers should slowly and cautiously proceed to their desired exit, being alert to others who may be entering into or proceeding within the roundabout.



Bicyclists need to slowly and cautiously enter the roundabout just like motor vehicles and not use the crosswalks unless they are walking their bikes across the street; the motor vehicle rules apply to bicycles too.


Pedestrians and skateboarders are not allowed in the roundabout, and should cautiously cross the street at the designated crosswalks located just outside of the roundabout, paying close attention to vehicles in the area.


Key Points:

  • Whether in a vehicle, bicycle or as a pedestrian, it is always the individual's responsibility to proceed only in a safe manner, with caution, and to avoid any dangerous condition.
  • Approach the roundabout with caution yielding to nearby pedestrians and traffic in the roundabout.
  • Drive slowly and cautiously within the roundabout.
  • Bicycles follow the rules of the road and use the roundabout not crosswalks.
  • Pedestrians and skateboarders must use the crosswalks to safely cross the street, keeping alert for nearby traffic.

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