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Imperial Beach Mayor, Serge Dedina, was the Guest Speaker at the IB Kiwanis Meeting Tuesday and Had a Lot to Say about His Hopes and Goals for our City.

Jan 21, 2015 06:41PM ● By Paul Spear

Serge Dedina is running for Mayor of IB. He wants to install a new attitude

Imperial Beach Mayor, Serge Dedina was the guest speaker at the Kiwanis Meeting on Tuesday. He spoke about where he saw the city going and shared ideas on how he hopes to get there with the help of the Imperial Beach community.

He said he had just recently returned from a meeting in Sacramento with Councilwoman Lorie Bragg that was for New Mayors and City Council Members put on by the "League of California Cities" and had a good experience and found it very helpful.

The Mayor went on to say that moving forward he feels it is very important on how the city engages with the community. He feels that rather than making up committees with city employees that he wants these committees to be made up of citizens from Imperial Beach and for them to make recommendations to the city on how things should be done or handled rather than have them respond to something the city has done before hearing their input. He said that the citizens’ ideas and recommendations need to be heard sooner and need to be playing the lead. The Mayor pointed out an example of this that is happening now with Seacoast Drive and the Merchants located there. They have formed a committee called the "Seacoaster Group" lead by Bob Miller that represents the merchants’ views, thoughts and recommendations to the city. He wants every neighborhood to try to do something similar to help meet these goals and objectives.

By developing more groups like the Seacoasters, he wants to build strong leadership from within the community so the citizen are doing more or the governing and being heard and represented by groups in their area of the city.

He said he’s seen that Imperial Beach is a community that cares a lot about their children’s’ future and present conditions and is very family driven. He said that things like a new park, the street lights and the crosswalks and the alley paving are all things that are very important because they involve the health, safety and future of our children.

The mayor wants to work with the public to make it one city all the same to 13th or 15th streets and get all the alleys paved, the street lights and crosswalk put in and that area of Imperial Beach needs to be brought up to par with the rest of the city.

On other fronts, the mayor also said we will be having a beach wide cleanup coming on the 21st of February. He supports the Bernard Shores projects and that they have set up a “Kids Zone” of Dunes Park on July 18th, the next Sun and Sea Festival.

He also wants the new hotel going up on Seacoast in the next few years to be something really extra special in every way. However he wants to work with residents in the area to make sure that they get their say and their needs and concerns are addressed. This would be a good area to form a citizens group so they get don’t get heard and they can have some input on the changes that will come to the neighborhood with a new hotel.

He also mentioned that the Breakwater Town Center is progressing nicely, but as negotiations are going on, we are not going to mention any o the possible businesses considering locating there.

He had more to say but those are the major points he seemed to make.

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