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Say Good bye Windows 7 and Hello Microsoft Windows 10, as the long goodbye begins for Windows 7.

Jan 17, 2015 10:32AM ● By Paul Spear
As plans are made for the release of Microsoft Windows 10, plans are in the works for the end of Windows 7.

It just seems that we were dealing with the death of Windows XP. Now plans are in the works for the death of Windows 7. Support is being shut down for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 as of January 13th,
First, I want to give you some of my background as some of this article comes from my 18 years of experience in the computer industry. 5 years o which was doing security for large business or the federal government and the other 13 years spent 
selling computer related items to the government or government contractors and a few other companies

One of the things we have learned rom Windows XP is that once Microsoft has announce and end of a product, that doesn't mean it goes away right away. As a matter of fact, last I heard people are still running Windows XP. However, they are getting no security updates, products for it are no longer being sold and your antivirus isn't updating your computer for any new viruses that come out.

I think from announcement of the death of XP until it was really dead took about 3 to 5 years. In the computer industry it depends on what your definition of dead is. If it is that you can't buy it anymore, then Window 7 is probably on Life Support. If you know the tricks of the trade, you probably can get a copy of the software for another year, give or take. If your definition of death is were I said Windows XP is now, then you have about 3 to 5 years.

What about Windows 9 you ask, Microsoft doesn't count that way. They are jumping straight from Windows 8 OR 8.1 directly to Windows 10. I mean, 10 is better than 9 right?

I am going send you to a link from CNET that does a way better job with all the details. CNET is known as being one of the best companies at covering technology and technology advancement in the world. It is owned by CBS and if you are any type of tech head at all, you have heard of CNET. If you are not a tech head and need something clarified or put into a language more of us understand, email me with your question to or leave a comment for me at the end of this article.
Windows 10 is going to be exciting, especially after the dissatisfaction of Windows 8. You can bet that Microsoft will make sure that Win 10 will be a much better product.

Remember Windows Vista, that came out between Windows XP and Windows 7 and wasn't well received. However Windows 7 had a very long life. That is the main reason why I believe Windows 10 will be successful. Because Windows 8 was their Windows Vista and they can't afford to mess up twice in a row. If Microsoft 10 isn't great, Google is waiting in the wings with their Android for phones, household devices and working on blending it with Chrome so you get the same experience across the board.
So now we are turning it over to CNET for all the dates and details for the end o Windows 7 and after you're done reading that, come back and I will do my best to answer and questions you may have,

Here is the link, I hope you enjoy the great job CNET did.

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