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Entire Imperial Beach Shoreline Closes Again due to Baja Sewage Spill

Jan 07, 2015 07:42PM ● Published by Paul Spear

Well we don't have to wait for the rain storm due anytime to stay out of the water. A sewage spill in Baja has taken care of that or us. 

Warning signs are up and there is no going in the water from the Tijuana Slough National 
 Wildlife Refuge all the way up to the end of the Imperial Beach shoreline.

Sewage-contaminated runoff in the Tijuana River has been entering the Tijuana Estuary as a result of this has close the Imperial Beach's shoreline for the 2nd time since a sewage spill occurred December 4th of last month.

After reporting yesterday on a man, Barry Ault, who died on Christmas Day morning of a major staph infection after going out surfing while warning signs were up after a rain storm. we cannot recommend strongly enough that you follow the instructions and stay out of and away from the water strongly enough.

If you are not sure if it is safe to go into the water, don't.
Wait until the Health Department lifts the warnings. to be safe, you can also call the Imperial Beach Lifeguards.
If you would like to read about the death of Barry Ault, you can go to:

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Sewage-contaminated runoff Entire Imperial Beach Shoreline Closes Baja waste runoff
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