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Mayoral Count as of close of business Friday 11-7-2014

Nov 07, 2014 07:31PM ● By Paul Spear
Results provided courtesy of the San Diego Union Tribune:
The difference is now 50 votes according to the official results posted by the SD U-T.

On Wednesday, Mayor Janney held a 33 vote lead over Serge Dedina.

On Thursday, Mayor Janney’s lead grew to a 61 vote margin over Serge Dedina

On Friday, Serge Dedina made a dent in Mayor Janney's lead and it is down to the Mayor ahead by 50 votes.

The next results are due to be release Monday at 5pm..It is also predicted by some people with election experience, that the vote count could be concluded by then. But there has been NO OFFICIAL TIME GIVEN FOR WHEN THE VOTE COUNT WILL BE COMPLETED!


Precincts Reporting: 100.0%
Jim Janney
Serge Dedina

Editors Note: The election is over and no matter who is our mayor t is time to put politics aside and return Imperial Beach back to the city that we know and loved! Let’s show the rest of San Diego County that we can survive controversy and come out the great city we are known as.

If Mayor Janney wins, congratulations! 
If Serge Dedina wins, congratulations! 

It's time to come back and be one city again, not a city divided.

The City of Imperial Beach has had their election and when a winner is officially declared, it is time to give then our support!

We should be putting all this bickering behind us! Paul Spear, Editor, 

  P.S.- I will be publishing results as they are released so people know where things stand. But for the sake of IB, IT IS TIME TO STOP BICKERING OR PLAYING "What if"! For the sake of all residents of IB!

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