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"Letter from the Editor" The Election is over and although we do not have a "Declared Winner" it is time for Imperial Beach to return to its Normal Great Self!

Nov 07, 2014 12:23PM ● By Paul Spear

At this point, nothing can be done to change the outcome of the Mayoral election. Either Serge Dedina or Mayor Jim Janney will be our mayor for the next 4 years. Now it is time to return Imperial Beach to the small friendly beach town! Imperial Beach is. A city were people work together to make it a better place for every one of its citizens.

All of our children go to school together or are in the same Boy’s Little League, or in the same Girls Softball League, or are involved in activities were they interact together. We need to set an example for them and show that qualified America Adult is entitle to cast a vote but that afterwards we all work together for the same common cause. To make America a better place for everyone who lives here no matter what their race, religion, political views or individual agendas. In the end we all want the same thing, a better place to raise our families

Or, maybe we can learn from our children who played together without worrying who was going to be in office and stayed friends no matter what their parents thought politically!

The point is the election is over and no matter who is in office,, it is time to put politics aside and return Imperial Beach back to the city that we know and loved! Let’s show the rest of San Diego County that we can survive controversy and come out the great city we are known as.


By Paul Spear, Editor

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